Brick Manager for ev3dev
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The ev3dev Brick Manager.


Please report issues or feature requests at


Get the code:

  • Clone of the brickman repo.

      git clone git://
      cd brickman
      git submodule update --init --recursive

To build for the EV3:

  • Install Docker (requires Linux/macOS 10.10.3+/Window 10 Pro)

  • In the source code directory, run the Docker setup script

    ./docker/ $BUILD_AREA $ARCH

    where $BUILD_AREA is any directory you would like. This is where the build output will be saved. The directory will be created if it does not exist. And $ARCH is armel (or armhf if you are building for RPi or BeagleBone).

  • Build the code by running...

    docker exec --tty brickman_armel make install
  • Copy the contents of $BUILD_AREA/dist/ to the EV3 and run it.

To build the desktop test (makes UI development much faster), in a regular terminal, not in Docker:

  • Install the build-deps listed in debian/control.

  • Then...

      mkdir -p <some-build-dir>
      cd <some-build-dir>
      cmake <path-to-brickdm-source> -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=string:Debug -DBRICKMAN_TEST=bool:Yes
      make run