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ev3dev demo programs

This folder contains several demo programs that you can use to help you in developing your own code. Brief descriptions of each demo are provided below; you can access the full source code and some more detailed information on each by opening the respective folders above.

To install these on your EV3, use git to clone the ev3dev-lang-python-demo repository from github. Your EV3 will need Internet connectivty in order to clone the repository from github.

$ sudo apt-get install git
$ git clone

Running A Program

There are two ways to run a program. You can run a program from the command line or from the brickman interface.

Note that for both running from the command line and running from Brickman the program must be marked as an executable and the first line of the program must be #!/usr/bin/env python3. To mark a program as executable run chmod +x All of the demo programs are already marked as executable and already have #!/usr/bin/env python3 so you should be fine, we only mention it so you know to do these things when writing your own programs.

Command Line

To run one of the demo programs from the command line, cd to the directory and run the program via ./ Example:

$ cd ~/ev3dev-lang-python-demo/robots/R3PTAR/
$ ./


To run one of the demo programs from Brickman, select the program in the File Browser.

Demo Programs


Laurens Valk's BALANC3R - This robot uses the gyro sensor to balance on two wheels. Use the IR remote to control BALANC3R



Lauren Valk's EXPLOR3R


David Gilday's MINDCUB3R


A basic example of Object Oriented programming where there is a base TRACK3R class with child classes for the various permutations of TRACK3R

More robot programs

The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Comparison project sports a few other robot programs in addition. Its comparison table also lists programs created for other platforms than ev3dev.