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00:11:00 {Aoba} Tracking team, report on both units' current positions.
00:11:03 {Woman} Pod 02-Dash has reached operation altitude.
00:11:07 {Woman} It has settled into the targeted orbit.
00:11:08 {Man} Due to insufficient altitude, Pod 08 was unable to breach target orbital range.
00:11:13 {Aoba} Copy that.
00:11:14 {Aoba} 02-Dash will conduct a solo operation.
00:11:16 {Man} Roger.
00:11:17 {Man} Pod 08 will act as support.
00:11:19 {Man} Transition shift to seven.
00:11:21 {Ritsuko} Pod 02-Dash has passed the point of no return.
00:11:24 {Ritsuko} It is entering Area 88.
00:11:25 {Misato} Roger.
00:11:26 {Misato} Commence Operation US.
00:11:29 {Woman} Roger.
00:11:30 {Woman} Pod 02-Dash is entering the final operation orbit.
00:11:33 {Midori} Tuning RCS. Activation confirmed.
00:11:34 {Woman} Switching to deceleration.
00:11:35 {Man} Igniting all engines, stage one.
00:11:36 {Midori} Orientation controls are nominal.
00:11:37 {Man} Beginning combustion.
00:11:42 {Midori} Contact ring ready for separation.
00:11:42 {Woman} S-1C combustion complete.
00:11:44 {Midori} RCS tuning confirmed.
00:11:45 {Woman} Deceleration confirmed.
00:11:46 {Man} Jettisoning booster unit, stage one.
00:11:46 {Midori} Inputting mass variation factors.
00:11:50 {Midori} Separation confirmed.
00:11:51 {Midori} Checking power systems. No problems detected.
00:11:51 {Man} Opening drain valves. Discarding propellant. #Not in UTW#
00:11:54 {Man} Roger.
00:11:55 {Man} Automating ignition timing.
00:11:56 {Man} Igniting all engines, stage two.
00:12:02 {Woman} S-1C combustion complete.
00:12:02 {Midori} Second contact ring ready for separation.
00:12:03 {Woman} Closing pressure valves.
00:12:05 {Midori} RCS tuning reconfirmed.
00:12:05 {Tama} Jettisoning booster unit, stage 2.
00:12:09 {Woman} Deceleration complete.
00:12:10 {Midori} Separation of all units confirmed. #Not in UTW#
00:12:10 {Man} Preparing to enter final operation orbit.
00:12:12 {Woman} Opening drain valves. Discarding propellant. #Not in UTW#
00:12:13 {Man} Flipping unit head.
00:12:14 {Man} Commencing rotation.
00:12:16 {Man} Descent angle confirmed to be within error ranges.
00:12:18 {Man} No changes in contact airspace.
00:12:18 {Woman} Recalculating relative velocity.
00:12:19 {Man} Timetable requires no correction.
00:12:19 {Woman} Reconfirming coordinate altitude.
00:12:22 {Woman} No problems.
00:12:22 {Man} Values reconfirmed, all clear.
00:12:?? {Midori} Orbital corrections and drops in power pose no problems.
00:12:24 {Woman} Final orbit corrections complete.
00:12:27 {Woman} 180-degree rotation complete.
00:12:28 {Hyuga} Roger.
00:12:29 {Hyuga} Pod 02-Dash will start transitioning to the intercept orbit.
00:12:32 {Hyuga} Now commencing the operation.
00:12:34 {Aoba} All remote guiding will now be cut.
00:12:36 {Aoba} Unit will be controlled manually.
00:12:38 {Hyuga} Good luck.
00:02:32 {Woman} Unit is on intercept course with the target.
00:02:34 {Woman} Eighty measures until contact.
00:02:37 {Woman} Confirming target.
00:02:38 {Man} Contact point is unchanged.
00:02:40 {Woman} Maintaining Shift-M. No problems.
00:02:43 {Misato} 02-Dash, prepare to rendezvous.
00:02:45 {Misato} 08 is lacking altitude, so it can only assist you in the ninety-six seconds until re-entry.
00:12:59 {Misato} Finish this by then.
00:13:01 {Hyuga} Reflective waves detected in target space.
00:13:03 {Hyuga} It's jamming us!
00:13:04 {Aoba} It's just the auto-defense system's mass weapon.
00:13:06 {Aoba} No need to worry.
00:13:10 {Man} Burst shockwaves emanating!
00:13:11 {Man} Incoming in three... two... one...
00:13:19 {Aoba} Second wave incoming. Blood type blue.
00:13:20 {Aoba} They're a pesky bunch.
00:13:22 {Man} Identifying the approaching body...
00:03:15 {Man} Confirmed to be Mk. 04A.
00:03:25 {Asuka} An Anti-A.T. Field!
00:13:39 {Asuka} This thing's useless!
00:03:34 {Asuka} It's just getting in my way!
00:13:45 {Asuka} Glasses, enough with the damn singing!
00:13:48 {Asuka} It's annoying as hell!
00:13:52 {Asuka} Support fire was two seconds late!
00:13:58 {Mari} And you're three seconds ahead of position.
00:14:00 {Asuka} It's called adapting to the situation. Keep up with me!
00:14:03 {Mari} As you command,
00:14:05 {Mari} Princess!
00:14:14 {Asuka} Got through the Fullerene Shift.
00:04:07 {Asuka} Breaking into Final Defense Area 89.
00:04:10 {Asuka} The target is moving!
00:04:16 {Asuka} No time to correct my orbit!
00:04:17 {Asuka} I'll just have to brute this!
00:04:40 {Asuka} Decelerate!
00:04:46 {Asuka} Eight!
00:04:47 {Asuka} Seven!
00:04:48 {Asuka} Six!
00:04:49 {Asuka} Five!
00:04:50 {Asuka} Four!
00:04:51 {Asuka} Three!
00:04:53 {Asuka} Two!
00:04:54 {Asuka} One!
00:04:55 {Asuka} Terminating combustion!
00:15:12 {Midori} 02-Dash has jettisoned the last boosters.
00:15:14 {Midori} Ensuring safe distance for re-entry.
00:15:16 {Man} Orbital errors are within correctable ranges. Recalculating angle of entry.
00:05:09 {Asuka} Successfully seized the target.
00:05:11 {Asuka} Returning to base.
00:05:13 {Misato} Roger.
00:05:14 {Misato} We'll be waiting at the retrieval point.
00:05:16 {Misato} The join code is Saturn V.
00:05:17 {Asuka} Roger.
00:05:19 {Asuka} Blood type blue?
00:05:20 {Asuka} Where?!
00:05:25 {Woman} The interfering object is Mk. 04B.
00:05:27 {Woman} It is deploying a field-reflective coating.
00:05:29 {Asuka} The nerve!
00:05:30 {Asuka} Right before re-entry, too.
00:05:33 {Asuka} Glasses, back-up!
00:05:35 {Mari} Sorry!
00:05:37 {Mari} I don't have enough altitude, so see ya!
00:05:39 {Mari} I'll leave the rest to y-...
00:05:42 {Asuka} Ugh! She's useless!
00:05:44 {Asuka} Damn, this thing's stubborn!
00:05:46 {Asuka} Nobody told me about this!
00:05:59 {Asuka} What's with this light?!
00:06:01 {Asuka} The A.T. Field isn't neutralizing it!
00:06:05 {Asuka} I gotta take out the core block!
00:06:06 {Asuka} You're not getting away!
00:06:10 {Asuka} Crap! I can't maintain my descent angle!
00:06:12 {Asuka} My unit'll fall apart at this rate!
00:06:14 {Misato} 02-Dash, completing the mission takes top priority!
00:06:18 {Misato} Don't let go of the target object, even if it means sacrificing the unit.
00:06:20 {Asuka} I already know that!
00:06:41 {Asuka} Do something, stupid Shinji!
00:07:23 {Kaworu} Welcome home, Ikari Shinji-kun.
00:07:26 {Kaworu} I've been waiting for you.
00:07:42 {Sakura} Cardiopulmonary function is nominal.
00:07:44 {Sakura} No discernible paralysis of the extremities.
00:07:46 {Sakura} Yes. He has opened his eyes.
00:07:50 {Sakura} Can you understand me?
00:07:55 {Shinji} What is this place?
00:07:58 {Sakura} He is capable of speech.
00:07:59 {Sakura} He seems to have returned to a conscious state.
00:08:03 {Shinji} I could've sworn I was saving Ayanami...
00:08:06 {Sakura} Yes, continuity of memory also seems acceptable.
00:08:10 {Shinji} Um, where's Ayanami...?
00:08:13 {Sakura} Is this someone you know?
00:08:18 {Shinji} It's... me.
00:08:21 {Sakura} He is capable of self-recognition as well.
00:08:22 {Sakura} No apparent problems.
00:08:24 {Shinji} What's this?
00:18:32 {Sakura} Do you need to urinate? Are you hungry?
00:18:36 {Woman} Delivery list for supplying operations cleared up to 86%.
00:18:38 {Koji} Maintain the power output of the online N2 reactors at 90%.
00:18:42 {Midori} No ships visible within a radius of twelve hundred.
00:18:42 {Koji} Open the pressure valves manually.
00:18:44 {Midori} No unidentified flying objects can be confirmed, either.
00:18:45 {Koji} Don't worry about the condenser.
00:18:46 {Aoba} Prioritize ships in D Block for personnel transfer.
00:18:48 {Hyuga} Insufficient personnel for the ration transfer operation!
00:18:50 {Sumire} Checking port and starboard gyrocompasses three and five.
00:18:51 {Hyuga} Expedite this, on the double!
00:18:53 {Sumire} The gauges are inaccurate. Requesting recalibration.
00:18:54 {Tama} Checking the ships' outfitting and roadmaps.
00:18:56 {Tama} Armament linkage is 3% behind schedule.
00:08:53 {Sakura} Specimen BM03 is in our custody.
00:08:56 {Misato} Understood.
00:08:57 {Misato} Release the restraints.
00:09:00 {Misato} You are all dismissed.
00:09:25 {Shinji} Misato-san...
00:09:28 {Misato} It is Ikari Shinji-kun, isn't it?
00:09:31 {Ritsuko} So it would seem.
00:09:32 {Ritsuko} His physical data is identical to Code Third Boy.
00:09:37 {Ritsuko} Post-natal dental work and body composition perfectly match those from Near Third Impact.
00:09:43 {Ritsuko} We are now analyzing his deep level sync test results.
00:09:46 {Misato} And the DSS Choker on his neck?
00:09:49 {Ritsuko} It has already been installed, Captain Katsuragi.
00:09:52 {Shinji} Captain Katsuragi...?
00:09:54 {Shinji} So it really is you, Misato-san?
00:20:06 {Shinji} Huh?
00:10:03 {Ritsuko} Activation nominal.
00:10:04 {Ritsuko} Passcode is set for your personal use, Captain.
00:10:07 {Misato} Understood.
00:10:11 {Shinji} What is this thing?!
00:10:14 {Shinji} Please, take it off already!
00:10:18 {Sakura} There's no way that's ever coming off.
00:10:22 {Misato} We're done with him.
00:10:24 {Misato} Take him to quarantine.
00:10:28 {Midori} Decoys 01 and 05 destroyed.
00:10:30 {Midori} Wavelength acquired.
00:10:31 {Midori} What could this be?
00:10:33 {Hyuga} It's blood type blue.
00:10:34 {Hyuga} Target identified.
00:10:36 {Hyuga} Mk. 4C.
00:10:37 {Hyuga} It's the Nemesis Series.
00:20:47 {Misato} They're back...
00:20:48 {Midori (BG)} Targets identified as Mk. 04C.
00:20:48 {Ritsuko} They're advancing on all sides.
00:20:50 {Ritsuko} They intend to cordon us here, to start with.
00:20:51 {Midori (BG)} Destruction of decoys 02 and 06 confirmed. #not in UTW#
00:10:45 {Misato} We can't afford to move from here yet.
00:10:48 {Misato} Stop work on everything except the main engine.
00:10:50 {Misato} All ships to Battle Stations Two!
00:10:53 {Misato} Target the entire Nemesis Series!
00:10:55 {Ritsuko} Roger.
00:10:56 {Ritsuko} All ships to Battle Stations Two.
00:10:58 {Hyuga} Prepare for aerial, sea, and underwater battle!
00:11:02 {Aoba} Abandon transfer of supplies.
00:21:11 {Aoba} Prioritize transfer of personnel!
00:21:12 {Woman} All fleets, abandon transfer of supplies. Prioritize transfer of personnel.
00:21:14 {Man} Prepare for aerial, sea, and underwater battle.
00:21:16 {Woman} Continue work on the main engine.
00:21:17 {Man} Prepare long-range cannons for torpedo warfare.
00:21:18 {Man} Prepare switching of all power supply lines.
00:21:22 {Woman} All aircraft are to withdraw from our current air space at once.
00:21:25 {Woman} Hurry to Meeting Point Two.
00:21:27 {Man} Abandon all remaining cargo.
00:21:28 {Man} Transfer of personnel takes top priority.
00:21:30 {Man} Continue outfitting the ships!
00:21:31 {Man} Keep the work going until the very last minute!
00:21:33 {Man} All who can help with the power lines, assemble during launch.
00:21:36 {Woman} Prepare all gun turrets for individual firing.
00:21:38 {Woman} Activate all remote control and interlocking systems.
00:21:41 {Woman} Please be ready for unforeseen hostilities.
00:21:42 {Koji} Keep working on the injection of the main engine transmission system.
00:21:45 {Koji} Hurry!
00:21:47 {Man} N2 reactor operating at 99% output.
00:21:50 {Woman} Resuming work on the injection.
00:21:52 {Woman} Opening the first ninety valves.
00:21:54 {Woman} The power pipes have been connected.
00:21:56 {Woman} No irregularities with 3rd and 4th hub stations to port.
00:21:59 {Man} Roger.
00:22:00 {Man} Opening the first ninety valves.
00:22:02 {Man} Starting energy influx.
00:22:03 {Woman} Power influx to auxiliary N2 reactors is going smoothly.
00:22:06 {Woman} LCL circulation pumps are being inspected.
00:22:09 {Woman} Filtration system is go.
00:22:10 {Maya} Battle stations!
00:22:12 {Maya} To your posts, quickly.
00:22:14 {Maya} You there! Get a move on!
00:22:16 {Worker} You're asking the impossible, chief.
00:22:18 {Worker} We're a motley crew with *civilians* among us.
00:22:21 {Maya} No excuses!
00:22:23 {Maya} Get back to work!
00:22:26 {Maya} Ugh! This is why I can't stand younger men.
00:22:28 {Tama} Let's see...
00:22:29 {Tama} Stop the outfitting work here.
00:22:32 {Tama} Start the closure of the barrier walls...
00:22:34 {Tama} Is this it?
00:22:35 {Midori} Put anti-air surveillance on its toes.
00:22:37 {Midori} This is the sonar's bearing azimuth.
00:12:31 {Aoba} Kitakami!
00:12:32 {Aoba} What's the status of the procedures on deck?
00:12:34 {Midori} I'm in charge of that?
00:12:36 {Aoba} Of course you are! Double jobs!
00:12:38 {Midori} Huh? Seriously?
00:12:43 {Sakura} It's dangerous to move around.
00:12:45 {Sakura} You should stay here.
00:12:47 {Woman (BG)} AA defenses and AA guided missiles ready on all ships.
00:12:49 {Sakura} I have to say, though, there's so much tension
00:12:52 {Sakura} around the bridge during battle stations!
00:12:52 {Misato} Roger.
00:12:53 {Misato} Link the anti-air systems together.
00:12:55 {Misato} Protecting Eva-01 is our top priority.
00:12:57 {Shinji} ...Eva-01?
00:13:07 {Midori} They're here!
00:13:08 {Midori} Pillars of light from the targets confirmed!
00:23:18 {Midori} Um...
00:23:19 {Midori} Their numbers are somehow increasing!
00:13:13 {Aoba} Identification of the targets' core blocks impossible.
00:13:15 {Aoba} They may be hiding inside a cloaking cocoon.
00:13:18 {Ritsuko} This is bad.
00:13:20 {Ritsuko} At this rate, we'll be on the receiving end of a saturated attack.
00:13:22 {Midori} Six hundred seconds until contact!
00:13:24 {Ritsuko} Captain Katsuragi,
00:13:25 {Ritsuko} I propose an immediate dispersal of the fleet.
00:13:29 {Ritsuko} We have insufficient and unskilled personnel.
00:13:32 {Ritsuko} Our ship is also in the process of being outfitted.
00:13:34 {Ritsuko} Worst of all, we cannot isolate the attacking targets' core blocks.
00:13:38 {Ritsuko} In other words, our chances for winning are zero.
00:13:41 {Ritsuko} At this point, we should retreat like we usually do.
00:13:43 {Ritsuko} There's no other option, Captain Katsuragi!
00:13:47 {Misato} And that's why I will change the status quo and bring our anxieties to an end.
00:13:52 {Misato} Vice Captain, we're going to fly.
00:13:54 {Ritsuko} Fly?!
00:13:55 {Ritsuko} You can't be thinking of using the main engine?!
00:24:05 {Misato} All ships, prepare to launch!
00:24:07 {Misato} Prepare to ignite the main engine!
00:24:09 {Midori/Tama} What?!
00:24:11 {Ritsuko} Putting this ship into service now is insane, Captain Katsuragi!
00:14:06 {Tama} I agree!
00:14:07 {Tama} We've never performed a single test flight! It's too dangerous!
00:14:09 {Sumire} I have no experience controlling the gravity.
00:14:11 {Sumire} I doubt I can do it.
00:14:13 {Midori} I'd rather not fight a battle we can't win.
00:14:15 {Midori} I don't wanna die just yet.
00:14:17 {Koji} You'll die when it's time. Simple as that.
00:14:19 {Koji} You kids should stop complaining so much.
00:14:21 {Midori} Shouldn't you old folks watch out for yourselves?
00:14:25 {Misato} I know it's reckless!
00:14:27 {Misato} We'll use this ship as bait and draw the targets out.
00:14:30 {Misato} The power to kill gods... I'll see what it can do.
00:14:33 {Ritsuko} But the crucial ignition system hasn't been installed yet.
00:14:36 {Ritsuko} Don't tell me you're going to use the Evas?
00:14:39 {Misato} Mari?
00:14:40 {Mari} Eva-08 isn't ready yet.
00:14:41 {Misato} Asuka?
00:14:42 {Shinji} Asuka?
00:14:46 {Asuka} I'm already on it!
00:14:47 {Asuka} I just have to shove the igniter in, right?
00:14:50 {Misato} I'm counting on you.
00:14:51 {Ritsuko} But there's a problem with the barrier density around the main engine.
00:14:54 {Ritsuko} And parts are currently being exchanged, aren't they?
00:14:56 {Asuka} Well, the captain's motto is "prioritize the objective over human life".
00:15:00 {Asuka} I'm going all out!
00:15:01 {Asuka} Eva Unit 02', activate!
00:15:06 {Maya} Launch Eva-02'.
00:15:07 {Midori} Roger.
00:15:08 {Midori} Preparing Eva-02' for launch.
00:15:09 {Maya} Also deploying the underwater motor and Left Container No. 1.
00:15:20 {Asuka} What a lame way for my unit to debut after its makeover.
00:15:32 {Shinji} It really is Eva Unit 02.
00:15:33 {Shinji} Thank goodness. You're alright, Asuka.
00:15:40 {Shinji} Misato-san, what about me?
00:15:43 {Misato} All ships to Battle Stations One.
00:15:47 {Man} All ships, Battle Stations One.
00:15:48 {Man} Repeat, all ships to Battle Stations One.
00:15:51 {Ritsuko} Shifting to the battle command system.
00:15:54 {Ritsuko} All key personnel, head to the combat bridge.
00:15:56 {Misato} Prepare the gravity ballast.
00:15:57 {Sumire} Roger.
00:15:58 {Sumire} Checking all vents.
00:16:00 {Misato} Focus all primary control of the ship to the anchoring plug.
00:16:02 {Koji} Roger.
00:16:03 {Koji} Preparing descent.
00:16:04 {Koji} Confirming injector.
00:16:05 {Koji} Starting countdown.
00:26:15 {Woman} Preparing to move the Hirnstamm Tower.
00:16:09 {Shinji} Misato-san!
00:16:11 {Shinji} Eva-01 is here, isn't it?
00:16:14 {Shinji} I'll pilot, too!
00:16:15 {Shinji} I'll help Asuka!
00:26:28 {Shinji} Are you sure you don't need me to pilot?
00:16:23 {Shinji} Misato-san?!
00:26:32 {Woman}  Readying the electric charge inside the plug.
00:26:33 {Woman} Preparing entry.
00:26:34 {Ritsuko} That's correct.
00:26:34 {Ritsuko} There's no need for you to pilot the Eva.
00:26:37 {Woman} Separating the Hirnstamm Tower.
00:26:39 {Woman} Commencing start-up.
00:16:32 {Woman} Command system is currently being transferred to the combat bridge.
00:26:44 {Woman} Repeat, command system is currently being transferred to the combat bridge.
00:26:44 {Shinji} No need?
00:26:46 {Shinji} Uh...
00:26:47 {Shinji} Then, what should I do instead?
00:26:51 {Shinji} Misato-san!
00:26:54 {Misato} Ikari Shinji-kun...
00:26:58 {Misato} From now on...
00:27:00 {Misato}'ll do nothing.
00:27:13 {Man (BG)} Saturating LCL with gas.
00:27:15 {Man (BG)} Electrification density has been cleared.
00:27:16 {Ritsuko} Begin entry.
00:27:17 {Woman (BG)} LCL charge status is nominal.
00:27:20 {Woman (BG)} Starting all integrated processor systems.
00:27:22 {Misato} What's our status?
00:27:23 {Midori} Personnel roll-call complete.
00:27:24 {Woman (BG)} No problems with initial contact.
00:27:25 {Midori} Confirming stations.
00:27:27 {Woman (BG)} First list has cleared.
00:27:28 {Tama} Confirming the closure of all barrier walls.
00:27:30 {Tama} Terminating pressure resistance check.
00:27:31 {Woman (BG)} Auxiliary engine output currently climbing.
00:17:25 {Koji} Now infusing power for ignition of the main engine system.
00:17:28 {Koji} Another 5% until it hits critical.
00:17:30 {Sumire} Initiating the gyrocompass.
00:17:31 {Sumire} Stabilizer nominal.
00:17:33 {Woman (BG)} Commencing visual data processing.
00:17:35 {Woman (BG)} Turning on the main monitor.
00:17:37 {Hyuga} Targets are still closing in.
00:17:39 {Hyuga} Currently taking on an encircling formation.
00:17:41 {Aoba} Eva-02' discarding propellers.
00:17:43 {Aoba} Now switching out the left arm.
00:17:45 {Asuka} Here we go!
00:28:01 {Asuka} Yep.
00:17:54 {Asuka} Now then...
00:17:56 {Asuka} Let's do this!
00:18:04 {Asuka} Deploy A.T. Field.
00:18:09 {Aoba} The pillars of light are changing!
00:18:12 {Midori} Their energy is skyrocketing!
00:18:13 {Hyuga} All targets are mobilizing.
00:18:18 {Aoba} Allied cruiser has been vaporized!
00:18:19 {Ritsuko} A saturated attack.
00:18:21 {Ritsuko} If it hits this ship, we're done for.
00:18:24 {Midori (BG)} Another 360 seconds until contact!
00:18:34 {Asuka} Here we go! #not in UTW#
00:18:38 {Aoba} Eva-02' has commenced operations.
00:18:40 {Man (BG)} Influent pressure at 300%!
00:18:42 {Koji} Doesn't matter!
00:18:43 {Koji} Transfer all energy to the flywheel!
00:18:45 {Koji} Make that top priority!
00:18:57 {Woman (BG)} The 83rd line is ablaze! Extinguishing the fire is impossible!
00:18:57 {Tama} The 7th converter cluster has exploded!
00:18:59 {Koji} Disregard the broken lines!
00:19:01 {Koji} Proceed with the forced injection!
00:19:03 {Koji} Ignore all the pressure gauges!
00:19:04 {Tama} Releasing locks on the flywheel crimp.
00:19:07 {Tama} Beginning rotation!
00:19:16 {Man (BG)} Main engine's energy pump has been initiated.
00:19:19 {Tama} Auxiliary engine output has reached 80%!
00:19:21 {Koji} Force insert the catalyst!
00:19:39 {Asuka} Next up...
00:19:42 {Midori} Thirty-five seconds remaining!
00:19:44 {Man (BG)} Rotational speed increasing!
00:29:54 {Aoba} Eva-02' in place for ignition. #not in UTW#
00:29:54 {Woman (BG)} 10,000 turns... 12,000 turns...
00:29:56 {Tama} We're there!
00:29:57 {Tama} Fly wheel 102% charged!
00:29:59 {Tama} Critical point exceeded!
00:19:52 {Koji} We're in the final start-up phase!
00:19:54 {Misato} Roger.
00:19:55 {Misato} Switch to flight mode.
00:19:56 {Sumire} Roger.
00:19:57 {Sumire} Starting spatiotemporal control.
00:19:58 {Sumire} Transferring to 3D control of vessel.
00:20:02 {Misato} Deploy the A.T. Field at the moment of ignition.
00:30:12 {Tama} Rotational speed at 36,000 turns!
00:30:14 {Tama} All parameters are green!
00:20:07 {Koji} Contact imminent!
00:20:09 {Misato} Skip the countdown!
00:20:10 {Misato} Connect the main engine!
00:20:11 {Koji} Connecting!
00:20:16 {Misato} Ignite!
00:20:34 {Midori} Obstacles cleared!
00:20:35 {Ritsuko} Check every department!
00:20:36 {Ritsuko} Pull back all consort ships!
00:20:38 {Misato} Here we go.
00:20:39 {Misato} Wunder, launch!
00:21:30 {Tama} Main wings penetrated! Extent of damage unknown!
00:21:32 {Misato} Don't sweat it!
00:21:33 {Misato} Prepare to eliminate the targets!
00:21:34 {Misato} Upend the ship!
00:21:35 {Misato} Go astern!
00:21:36 {Sumire} Go astern! Keeping her steady!
00:21:44 {Misato} Now drag the core blocks out of the cloaking cocoon!
00:21:53 {Tama} Cracks are appearing in the main wing beams!
00:21:55 {Misato} Keep the rudder steady!
00:21:56 {Misato} Run main engine at full power!
00:21:58 {Koji} Maximum power to both sides!
00:22:00 {Sumire} Full throttle!
00:22:28 {Midori} The core blocks are out!
00:22:30 {Misato} Now!
00:22:31 {Misato} Hard aport!
00:22:32 {Misato} Swing her around!
00:22:33 {Sumire} Roger!
00:23:00 {Misato} Thrusters at maximum!
00:23:01 {Misato} Full-on brake!
00:23:12 {Aoba} No signs of target activity!
00:23:13 {Misato} Main cannons, prepare to fire!
00:23:15 {Misato} Load the energy-penetrating ammo!
00:23:17 {Misato} Connect all gun turrets to the main engine.
00:23:19 {Misato} Open the ammo supply circuits!
00:23:20 {Koji} Roger. Opening ammo supply circuits.
00:23:23 {Midori} Applying last-minute corrections to measurement errors!
00:23:25 {Woman (BG)} Artillery systems are unlinked!
00:23:27 {Hyuga} Direct aiming and manual tracking ready on all cannons!
00:23:30 {Misato} Then we're all set.
00:23:31 {Misato} Fire!
00:23:56 {Aoba} Target destroyed!
00:23:58 {Misato} All ships, go to secondary state of alert.
00:24:00 {Misato} Prepare to retrieve Eva-02'.
00:24:02 {Misato} Start emergency repairs on the main wings with all haste.
00:24:06 {Tama} Wow...
00:24:07 {Midori} We actually won.
00:24:09 {Koji} She's brazen as you get.
00:24:12 {Koji} The captain's even more interesting than Kaji described.
00:24:15 {Ritsuko} So this is the power to kill gods.
00:24:17 {Ritsuko} Wunder. Truly the ship of hope.
00:25:00 {Sakura} Specimen BM03. Tentative Name: Ikari Shinji-san.
00:25:03 {Sakura} The vice-captain would like to speak with you.
00:25:06 {Shinji} That's Eva-01...?
00:25:08 {Ritsuko} Yes. Eva-01 is currently being used as the main engine of this ship.
00:25:13 {Ritsuko} It follows that we don't need a pilot.
00:25:16 {Shinji} It really is true, then.
00:25:19 {Ritsuko} Also, your deep sync test results are in.
00:25:23 {Ritsuko} Your sync rate is 0.00%.
00:25:26 {Ritsuko} Even if you were to get in the Eva, it wouldn't activate.
00:25:30 {Sakura} There we go!
00:25:31 {Sakura} Isn't that great, Ikari-san?
00:25:33 {Ritsuko} Still, we cannot overlook the fact that the unit suddenly entered an Awakened state for twelve seconds earlier.
00:25:39 {Ritsuko} As a result, we've installed the DSS Choker on you.
00:25:44 {Shinji} What is this?
00:25:45 {Ritsuko} Insurance for us.
00:25:48 {Ritsuko} It's a physical safety device that prevents Awakenings.
00:25:51 {Ritsuko} It symbolizes both your punishment, and our mistrust in you.
00:25:55 {Shinji} What do you mean?
00:25:56 {Ritsuko} Should you succumb to your emotions while piloting an Eva, and the risk of Awakening becomes too great to avoid,
00:26:04 {Ritsuko} this will intervene by terminating your life.
00:26:08 {Shinji} Does that mean... I'll die?
00:26:13 {Ritsuko} I won't deny that.
00:26:16 {Shinji} No way...
00:26:18 {Shinji} Misato-san, what's the meaning of this? I'll die?
00:26:22 {Shinji} It doesn't make sense, Misato-san!
00:26:24 {Shinji} How'd things suddenly end up this way? It's ridiculous!
00:26:27 {Ritsuko} It can't blame you for being confused.
00:26:28 {Ritsuko} Lieutenant?
00:26:29 {Sakura} Yes, ma'am?
00:26:30 {Ritsuko} Tell him your name and rank.
00:26:31 {Sakura} Yes, ma'am!
00:26:33 {Sakura} Um, I know this introduction comes late, but I'm your assigned medical officer,
00:26:38 {Sakura} Lt. Suzuhara Sakura.
00:26:41 {Sakura} Nice to meet you.
00:26:43 {Shinji} Ah, same.
00:26:46 {Shinji} Wait, "Suzuhara"?
00:26:48 {Shinji} Are you Toji's...?
00:26:50 {Sakura} That's right.
00:26:51 {Sakura} Thank you for being friends with my brother.
00:26:53 {Sakura} I'm his younger sister, Sakura.
00:26:55 {Shinji} Younger sister?
00:26:56 {Shinji} Don't you mean older?
00:26:57 {Sakura} No, younger.
00:27:01 {Shinji} Younger...? How?
00:27:04 {Asuka} Fourteen years have passed since then.
00:27:07 {Asuka} Stupid Shinji.
00:27:09 {Shinji} Huh? A-Asuka!
00:27:15 {Shinji} Thank goodness!
00:27:16 {Shinji} You really are okay, Asuka!
00:27:23 {Asuka} It's no good. I can't stop myself.
00:27:25 {Asuka} I've been holding it in all these years.
00:27:34 {Shinji} What was that for?
00:27:36 {Asuka} Pent-up anger and grief.
00:27:39 {Shinji} What do you mean...?
00:27:41 {Shinji} Uh, Asuka, your left eye...?
00:27:44 {Asuka} None of your business.
00:27:46 {Shinji} Asuka, you said it's been fourteen years,
00:27:49 {Shinji} but nothing about you has changed aside from that eyepatch.
00:27:52 {Asuka} Right. It's the curse of Eva.
00:27:55 {Shinji} A curse?
00:27:59 {Shinji} Wait!
00:28:00 {Shinji} Asuka, maybe you know!
00:28:02 {Shinji} Where's Ayanami?!
00:28:05 {Asuka} No idea.
00:28:06 {Shinji} No idea?
00:28:08 {Shinji} But I saved her!
00:28:10 {Asuka} All this fuss over just one person.
00:28:12 {Asuka} In this world, we don't have the luxury of worrying about such things.
00:28:16 {Asuka} Isn't that right, Captain Katsuragi?
00:28:22 {Shinji} Asuka!
00:28:23 {Shinji} Misato-san, where's Ayanami?!
00:28:26 {Shinji} Tell me, please!
00:28:27 {Misato} Shinji-kun, Ayanami Rei doesn't exist anymore.
00:28:31 {Shinji} No way! I saved her, I know I did!
00:28:34 {Shinji} She must still be in Eva-01's plug!
00:28:37 {Shinji} Please look for her!
00:28:38 {Ritsuko} We already searched the inside of Eva-01 thoroughly.
00:28:42 {Ritsuko} All we found was you, and...
00:28:45 {Ritsuko} For some reason, this was restored.
00:28:48 {Ritsuko} The inspection yielded no problems, so you can have it back.
00:28:52 {Shinji} My father's...
00:28:55 {Shinji} Ayanami was holding it then.
00:28:58 {Shinji} So I *must* have saved her.
00:29:01 {Shinji} What's that?!
00:29:04 {Misato} It's me.
00:29:06 {Hyuga} Target on the rear deck!
00:29:07 {Hyuga} It attacked us out of the blue!
00:29:09 {Misato} So the champion has arrived...
00:29:10 {Misato} All ships to Battle Stations One.
00:29:12 {Misato} Protecting Eva-01 is top priority!
00:29:14 {Asuka} Eva-08, you're good to go, right?
00:29:16 {Mari} But of course!
00:29:18 {Mari} I'm right on top of it, Princess.
00:29:19 {Mari} By the way, how was Puppy Boy?
00:29:22 {Mari} Did he sit and behave?
00:29:24 {Asuka} He hasn't changed at all. He still has that stupid lowly face.
00:29:28 {Mari} So you went there *just* to see his face, did you?
00:29:31 {Asuka} No!
00:29:32 {Asuka} I went there just to punch it!
00:29:34 {Asuka} Now I feel so much better!
00:29:35 {Shinji} Misato-san! Ritsuko-san!
00:29:37 {Shinji} What the heck is out there?
00:29:39 {Shinji} Is it a new Angel?
00:29:41 {Rei} Ikari-kun, where are you?
00:29:44 {Shinji} Ayanami?
00:29:46 {Shinji} Wasn't that Ayanami's voice just now, Misa-
00:29:53 {Shinji} Oh, come on!
00:29:55 {Sakura} We're ready!
00:29:56 {Sakura} Ikari-san, this way!
00:29:58 {Rei} Ikari-kun, where are you?
00:30:01 {Shinji} It really *is* Ayanami.
00:30:04 {Shinji} It's Ayanami!
00:30:06 {Sakura} Ikari-san! Quickly!
00:30:11 {Shinji} Enough.
00:30:13 {Shinji} Ayanami! I'm right here!
00:40:30 {Man} Damage sustained on starboard midsection!
00:40:31 {Man} Fissure occurring in armor plate two!
00:40:33 {Tama} Pressure drop detected in the provisional quarantine visiting room!
00:40:35 {Tama} Emergency closure of barrier walls!
00:30:28 {Shinji} Eva... Unit 00?
00:30:30 {Rei} Ikari-kun...
00:30:32 {Rei} Come this way.
00:30:35 {Misato} Don't do it, Shinji-kun.
00:30:37 {Misato} Just stay right here.
00:30:38 {Shinji} What was that, Misato-san?
00:30:41 {Shinji} Weren't you just saying that you didn't need me?!
00:30:43 {Misato} Even so, you're to be kept in our protection.
00:30:45 {Shinji} What about how *I* feel?!
00:30:53 {Shinji} Please stop!
00:50:53 {Shinji} You're firing at an Eva!
00:30:55 {Misato} That's precisely why.
00:30:57 {Misato} We will destroy all of Nerv's Evas.
00:30:59 {Shinji} Nerv's...?
00:31:01 {Shinji} Isn't this Nerv, too?
00:31:02 {Misato} We are Wille, an organization dedicated to Nerv's annihilation.
00:31:07 {Shinji} That's...
00:31:09 {Shinji} But wait, Ayanami's piloting it!
00:31:12 {Misato} It's not her!
00:31:13 {Misato} Rei's no more, Shinji-kun.
00:31:15 {Shinji} Liar!
00:31:16 {Shinji} I mean, she's right there, isn't she?!
00:31:18 {Shinji} Misato-san, you're clueless!
00:31:20 {Shinji} I'm done here!
00:31:24 {Sakura} Ikari-san!
00:31:27 {Sakura} Do whatever you want, but...
00:31:29 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
00:31:31 {Sakura} Seriously, give us a break.
00:31:43 {Asuka} Glasses, don't let them get away!
00:31:44 {Mari} Loud and clear!
00:41:57 {Woman} Eva Unit 08 launching!
00:31:48 {Mari} ♪ When you take aim ♪
00:31:50 {Mari} ♪ Be careful that you don't miss your mark ♪
00:31:55 {Mari} Hey, c'mon!
00:32:02 {Mari} Gotcha!
00:32:09 {Mari} Couldn't be... an Adams' Vessel?
00:32:17 {Mari} At least say hi, damn it!
00:32:22 {Ritsuko} If they prioritized taking him over Eva-01,
00:32:25 {Ritsuko} it means he still has the potential to be a trigger!
00:32:27 {Ritsuko} Misato! Use the DSS Choker!
00:32:44 {Ritsuko} This is the vice-captain.
00:32:46 {Ritsuko} No need to pursue.
00:32:47 {Ritsuko} All personnel, tend to the emergency repairs and resume outfitting the ship.
00:32:51 {Man} Roger.
00:32:52 {Man} No need to pursue.
00:43:02 {Asuka} Hmph.
00:43:03 {Man} All personnel, tend to the emergency repairs and resume outfitting the ship.
00:43:04 {Asuka} What do you know.
00:43:05 {Asuka} He's not even an idiot.
00:43:06 {Asuka} He's just a brat!
00:32:58 {Title} Evangelion New Theatrical Edition: Quickening
00:33:16 {Shinji} I did save her after all.
00:33:18 {Shinji} Misato-san lied to me.
00:33:21 {Rei} This way.
00:33:31 {Shinji} U-Um...
00:33:48 {Shinji} This is the Geofront, but we can still see the sky?
00:34:00 {Shinji} Is that... Nerv Headquarters?
00:34:04 {Shinji} What happened?
00:34:36 {Shinji} It really has been fourteen years.
00:35:15 {Rei} Here.
00:35:19 {Shinji} What's this?
00:35:22 {Shinji} An Eva?
00:35:23 {Gendo} That's right.
00:35:28 {Shinji} Father...
00:35:30 {Gendo} Evangelion 13,
00:35:32 {Gendo} a unit for you and that pilot.
00:35:37 {Shinji} The one on the piano earlier?
00:35:40 {Gendo} When the time comes, pilot this Eva with him.
00:35:45 {Gendo} That will be all.
00:35:48 {Shinji} Wait a second, Father!
00:35:49 {Shinji} I still have a lot of questions, a lot I want to talk about!
00:35:53 {Shinji} Father!
00:36:04 {Shinji} It doesn't even have a dial tone.
00:36:06 {Shinji} Guess I can't call anyone from here.
00:36:29 {Shinji} I should go thank her.
00:36:42 {Shinji} Ayanami!
00:36:46 {Shinji} Where are you, Ayanami?
00:36:50 {Shinji} Ayanami!
00:37:26 {Shinji} What is this place?
00:37:30 {Shinji} Ayanami?!
00:37:31 {Shinji} There you are!
00:37:35 {Shinji} Ayanami,
00:37:36 {Shinji} I've been looking for you!
00:37:37 {Shinji} Ah, wait!
00:37:40 {Shinji} Clothes! Put some clothes on!
00:37:44 {Rei} Only if it is an order.
00:37:48 {Shinji} I'm coming in.
00:37:53 {Shinji} Um... Ayanami, thank you for this.
00:57:59 {Shinji} I've been wanting to thank you for a while now.
00:38:09 {Shinji} You got a new plugsuit, huh?
00:38:12 {Shinji} It looks good on you, but I dunno about the black.
00:38:21 {Shinji} Nerv HQ has really changed a lot, hasn't it?
00:38:28 {Shinji} Why is Misato-san fighting Nerv instead of the Angels?
00:38:33 {Shinji} What is Father trying to do here?
00:38:36 {Shinji} What happened to everyone?
00:38:38 {Shinji} Hey, Ayanami, do you know anything?
00:38:42 {Rei} I do not.
00:38:43 {Shinji} I see...
00:38:46 {Shinji} Yeah, no surprise, I guess.
00:38:49 {Shinji} Say, when did you return from Eva-01?
00:38:59 {Shinji} This place isn't much of a room.
00:39:03 {Shinji} It's just like you to be living here, but still...
00:39:06 {Shinji} It doesn't look like you have school, so what do you do all the time?
00:39:10 {Rei} Wait for orders.
00:39:15 {Shinji} I don't see any books here.
00:39:17 {Shinji} You're not reading at all?
00:39:19 {Rei} Read?
00:39:21 {Rei} Would Ayanami Rei do that?
00:39:24 {Shinji} Yeah. You used to read a lot.
00:39:27 {Shinji} There were books in your room, too.
00:39:29 {Rei} I see.
00:39:30 {Shinji} I know!
00:39:31 {Shinji} I'll go look in the library here and bring you some.
00:39:34 {Shinji} Um, English books are good, right?
00:39:37 {Shinji} You always had one on you, so I guess you liked them.
00:39:40 {Rei} Liked?
00:39:41 {Shinji} Yeah. At least, I think so.
00:39:44 {Rei} What is "liked"?
00:39:56 {Fuyutsuki} So Seele are still keeping their silence?
00:40:00 {Gendo} The Human Instrumentality Project will be carried out according to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
00:40:05 {Gendo} They no longer need to talk with us.
00:40:09 {Fuyutsuki} Ikari, do you intend to use Eva-13 this time?
00:40:15 {Fuyutsuki} Very well. I'll go along with your plan.
00:40:21 {Fuyutsuki} For Yui-kun's sake, as well.
00:40:25 {Shinji} It's no use. It just won't work.
00:40:35 {Misato} Do nothing.
00:40:36 {Asuka} None of your business.
00:40:38 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
00:40:40 {Gendo} Pilot that Eva.
00:40:41 {Rei} I don't know.
00:41:37 {Kaworu} Come down here, Ikari-kun.
00:41:39 {Kaworu} Let's talk.
00:41:46 {Shinji} U-Uh... Weren't we going to talk?
00:41:49 {Kaworu} A piano duet is a musical dialogue, you could say.
00:41:52 {Kaworu} Why don't you try it?
00:41:56 {Shinji} I'll pass. I can't play.
00:41:58 {Kaworu} If you want to live well, you have to change and try new things.
00:42:08 {Kaworu} Look, it's easy.
00:42:09 {Kaworu} You just need to press the keys here.
00:42:27 {Kaworu} Now, try playing that.
00:42:53 {Kaworu} Very nice!
00:42:55 {Kaworu} We sound good together.
00:43:32 {Kaworu} Music is fun.
00:43:35 {Kaworu} It's amazing what two people can achieve.
00:43:42 {Shinji} Thanks.
00:44:44 {Shinji} It's been ages since I've had this much fun.
00:43:46 {Kaworu} Same here.
00:43:48 {Kaworu} We'll have to do this again.
00:43:49 {Kaworu} Stop by anytime, Ikari Shinji-kun.
00:43:52 {Shinji} Sure.
00:43:53 {Shinji} Oh, you are...?
00:43:55 {Kaworu} I'm Kaworu. Nagisa Kaworu.
00:43:59 {Kaworu} I'm a child bound by fate, the same as you.
00:44:08 {Shinji} She's gone again.
00:44:11 {Shinji} She hasn't touched the books, either.
00:44:29 {Kaworu} Good morning, Ikari Shinji-kun.
00:44:33 {Kaworu} You're here early today.
00:44:35 {Shinji} I didn't have anything else to do.
00:45:07 {Shinji} How can I get better at playing piano?
00:45:10 {Kaworu} You don't have to be good at it.
00:45:13 {Kaworu} Just make music that feels good.
00:45:17 {Shinji} Well, how do I make music that sounds even better?
00:45:21 {Kaworu} Practice and more practice.
00:55:32 {Kaworu} Do the same thing over and over.
00:55:34 {Kaworu} Keep going until you're happy with it.
00:55:38 {Kaworu} That's the only way.
00:46:02 {Kaworu} Sure, leave it to me.
00:46:03 {Kaworu} I just need to get it working again, right?
00:46:05 {Shinji} Yeah. Thank you.
00:46:07 {Shinji} Sorry for asking so much of you.
00:46:10 {Kaworu} Don't need to worry about it.
00:46:12 {Kaworu} We're friends, after all.
00:46:18 {Kaworu} It's getting dark.
00:46:20 {Kaworu} Let's call it a day.
00:46:23 {Shinji} Hey, why don't we stay here a little longer?
00:45:26 {Shinji} We could watch the stars from here.
00:46:28 {Kaworu} The stars?
00:46:31 {Kaworu} So you like the stars?
00:46:34 {Shinji} Yeah.
00:46:36 {Shinji} Whenever I think about how vast the universe is,
00:46:39 {Shinji} it's always put my mind completely at ease, ever since I was little.
00:46:44 {Shinji} I guess I'm happy that it hasn't changed at all these past fourteen years.
00:46:49 {Shinji} It makes me feel like I can stop worrying about myself and really calm down.
00:46:55 {Shinji} Uh, it's hard to put into words.
00:46:58 {Kaworu} Your feelings came through.
00:47:01 {Kaworu} Instead of seeking change, you prefer a void, merciless abyss of a world.
00:47:06 {Kaworu} It's just like you.
00:47:09 {Kaworu} Lying here together is nice.
00:47:12 {Kaworu} I didn't know it would feel so good.
00:47:15 {Kaworu} Thanks for inviting me.
00:47:18 {Shinji} Oh, it's no big deal.
00:47:20 {Shinji} I just thought it'd be fun to watch the stars with you, and—
00:47:27 {Kaworu} It is fun.
00:47:30 {Kaworu} I really was born to meet you.
00:47:44 {Shinji} Hm?
00:47:50 {Shinji} This one's a little big.
00:47:53 {Shinji} Huh?
00:47:55 {Tag} Suzuhara Toji
00:48:00 {Kaworu} Here, it should work just fine now.
00:48:03 {Shinji} Thanks.
00:48:04 {Shinji} You're amazing, Nagisa-kun.
00:48:06 {Shinji} There's nothing you can't do.
00:48:08 {Kaworu} Knowledge is all this is.
00:48:10 {Kaworu} It's only because I've been in this world a little longer than you have.
00:48:14 {Shinji} You're still amazing, though.
00:48:18 {Kaworu} You seem down.
00:48:20 {Kaworu} What's wrong?
00:48:25 {Shinji} I'm worried about my friends.
00:48:29 {Kaworu} Your friends?
00:48:30 {Shinji} Yeah.
00:48:32 {Shinji} There was a city above Nerv HQ.
00:48:35 {Shinji} We all used to live there.
00:48:37 {Shinji} Toji, Kensuke.
00:48:38 {Shinji} The class rep, my other classmates...
00:48:41 {Shinji} Apparently I slept in Eva-01 for fourteen years.
00:48:45 {Shinji} So much has changed since then.
00:48:50 {Kaworu} More change than you can bear at once is painful.
00:48:54 {Shinji} I'm kind of scared.
00:48:57 {Shinji} I don't know... what happened to the city and everyone.
00:49:02 {Shinji} Nothing makes sense, and it scares me.
00:49:04 {Shinji} That's right! I'm scared!
00:49:15 {Kaworu} Do you want to know?
00:49:44 {Shinji} Nagisa-kun?
00:49:46 {Shinji} Nagisa-kun!
00:50:03 {Kaworu} Just a little further now.
00:50:22 {Kaworu} The clouds will soon disperse,
00:50:24 {Kaworu} and you will see the truth you desire.
00:50:36 {Shinji} What is this...?
00:50:42 {Kaworu} The outcome of Third Impact, which came to pass while you were merged with Eva-01.
00:50:51 {Shinji} But then...
00:50:53 {Shinji} What happened to everyone in the city?
00:50:55 {Kaworu} Mass extinctions are not unusual on this planet.
00:50:58 {Kaworu} In fact, they help drive evolution.
00:51:02 {Kaworu} Life has always changed itself to adapt to the world around it.
00:51:08 {Kaworu} However, Lilin change not themselves, but the world.
00:51:15 {Kaworu} So they brought the rite of artificial evolution unto themselves.
00:51:21 {Kaworu} Old life is offered in sacrifice,
00:51:23 {Kaworu} so that new beings blessed with the Fruit of Life may be created.
00:51:29 {Kaworu} All this is an act of extinction that has been programmed since time immemorial.
00:51:33 {Kaworu} Nerv call it the Human Instrumentality Project.
00:51:38 {Shinji} This is Nerv's...
00:51:43 {Shinji} This is what my father was doing.
00:51:48 {Kaworu} Ikari Shinji-kun,
00:51:50 {Kaworu} once Awakened, Eva-01 opened the Door of Guf
00:51:55 {Kaworu} and became the trigger for Third Impact.
00:51:58 {Kaworu} Lilin call it Near Third Impact.
00:52:02 {Kaworu} It was all initiated by you.
00:52:09 {Shinji} You're wrong!
00:52:10 {Shinji} All I wanted to do was save Ayanami!
00:52:16 {Kaworu} True, but that was the catalyst.
00:52:21 {Shinji} No...
00:52:25 {Shinji} This can't be right!
00:52:27 {Shinji} You're telling me all of this so fast,
00:52:29 {Shinji} and there's nothing I can do about it!
00:52:30 {Kaworu} Indeed.
00:52:31 {Kaworu} There's nothing you can do about your past.
00:52:35 {Kaworu} This is the truth you desired to know.
00:52:38 {Kaworu} As a result, the Lilin are letting you pay for your sin.
00:52:43 {Kaworu} That's what the thing on your neck is, no?
00:52:48 {Shinji} What sin?
00:52:50 {Shinji} I didn't do anything!
00:52:52 {Shinji} I had nothing to do with it!
00:52:54 {Kaworu} You may deny it, but humanity thinks otherwise.
00:52:58 {Kaworu} However, no sin is beyond redemption.
00:53:02 {Kaworu} There is always hope.
00:53:04 {Kaworu} Always.
00:53:23 {Fuyutsuki} Seele's boy has contacted the Third Boy.
00:53:27 {Fuyutsuki} He showed him the conditions outside, it seems.
00:53:30 {Fuyutsuki} I wonder how he'll cope with it.
00:53:33 {Fuyutsuki} Are you sure about this, Ikari?
00:53:35 {Gendo} We'll rewrite Seele's scenario.
00:53:39 {Gendo} Everything in existence is but a tool for that purpose.
00:53:42 {Fuyutsuki} So you're saying that your son wouldn't benefit from seeing how you live?
00:53:48 {Fuyutsuki} I'll have to disagree.
00:53:53 {Shinji} I don't get it.
00:53:56 {Shinji} How did everything end up this way?
00:54:03 {Shinji} Right... I saved Ayanami.
00:54:06 {Shinji} Isn't that good enough?
00:54:32 {Shinji} She's gone again.
00:54:34 {Shinji} She still hasn't touched the books.
00:54:38 {Shinji} What's going on?
00:54:40 {Shinji} What's wrong with Ayanami?!
00:54:53 {Fuyutsuki} Third Boy, do you play shogi?
00:54:57 {Shinji} Eh... I only know the rules.
00:55:00 {Fuyutsuki} Good enough. Let's have a game.
00:55:03 {Fuyutsuki} I'll start without a castle, bishop, and golden generals.
00:55:12 {Fuyutsuki} Let your mind be still.
00:55:16 {Fuyutsuki} It's the only way to achieve victory.
00:55:19 {Fuyutsuki} You'll lose in another thirty-one moves.
00:55:24 {Fuyutsuki} Hmm...
00:55:31 {Fuyutsuki} Is it more fun for you this way?
00:55:35 {Fuyutsuki} Thank you for indulging an old man his hobby.
00:55:43 {Fuyutsuki} I'm a coward too, you know.
00:55:45 {Fuyutsuki} I used this game as a pretext to talk to you.
00:55:50 {Fuyutsuki} Do you remember your mother?
00:55:54 {Shinji} No. I was very young.
00:55:58 {Shinji} Father got rid of everything that was hers.
00:56:07 {Shinji} Is this...
00:56:10 {Shinji} ...Ayanami?
00:56:13 {Fuyutsuki} Your mother.
00:56:14 {Fuyutsuki} Maiden name, Ayanami Yui.
00:56:16 {Fuyutsuki} She was my student at the university.
00:56:20 {Fuyutsuki} Now, she is the control system of Eva Unit 01.
00:56:27 {Fuyutsuki} Hm. The power's finally back.
00:56:33 {Fuyutsuki} That is a very early prototype of the Eva control system.
00:56:37 {Fuyutsuki} Here, Yui-kun proposed direct entry into cores,
00:56:41 {Fuyutsuki} and tested it using herself as the subject.
00:56:45 {Fuyutsuki} You were watching, too, but your memories have been erased.
00:56:55 {Fuyutsuki} In the end, Yui-kun vanished here,
00:56:59 {Fuyutsuki} and only her data was left behind for the Ayanami Series.
00:57:03 {Fuyutsuki} The Ayanami Rei you know is one of Yui-kun's clones.
00:57:08 {Fuyutsuki} She is preserved within Eva-01, the same as your mother.
00:57:13 {Fuyutsuki} It is all part of Ikari's plan.
00:57:17 {Shinji} No way...
00:57:20 {Fuyutsuki} Destroying the world is a simple matter.
00:57:24 {Fuyutsuki} But rebuilding it, that isn't so easy.
00:57:28 {Fuyutsuki} The world can be reversed no more than time.
00:57:32 {Fuyutsuki} Nor can the human heart.
00:57:35 {Fuyutsuki} And thus, so that his wish might be granted,
00:57:38 {Fuyutsuki} Ikari is paying every price there is.
00:57:41 {Fuyutsuki} Including his very soul.
00:57:44 {Fuyutsuki} I just wanted to tell you some of the truth,
00:57:47 {Fuyutsuki} and about your father.
00:58:01 {Fuyutsuki} 'Tis a wretched role I'm playing.
00:58:04 {Fuyutsuki} Yui-kun, I hope this will suffice.
00:58:15 {Gendo} The time of the final contract is upon us.
00:58:20 {Gendo} We will soon meet again, Yui.
00:58:31 {Shinji} Why aren't you reading the books?
00:58:36 {Rei} Because I wasn't ordered to.
00:58:38 {Shinji} "Ordered", huh?
00:58:40 {Shinji} Alright, I've had enough!
00:58:45 {Shinji} You are Ayanami, right?
00:58:48 {Rei} Yes, Ayanami Rei.
00:58:51 {Shinji} Then I did save you, didn't I?
00:58:55 {Rei} I don't know.
00:59:04 {Rei} Ikari-kun...?
01:09:20 {Shinji} So, I didn't actually save her...
01:09:24 {Shinji} Ayanami...
01:09:26 {Misato} Do nothing.
01:09:26 {Voice} What an idiot. I hate you.
01:09:27 {Voice} Stay away from me.
01:09:28 {Voice} To be honest, I don't just dislike you.
01:09:28 {Voice} I wish you didn't exist.
01:09:29 {Voice} There's no way I'd fall for you.
01:09:29 {Voice} Have a good think.
01:09:29 {Rei} I don't know.
01:09:30 {Shinji} Father...
01:09:30 {Asuka} None of your business.
01:09:31 {Voice} I hate people like you the most.
01:09:31 {Voice} Just get lost.
01:09:31 {Asuka} None of your business.
01:09:32 {Gendo} Pilot that Eva.
01:09:33 {Asuka} None of your business.
01:09:33 {Gendo} Pilot that Eva.
01:09:35 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
01:09:38 {Misato} Do nothing.
01:09:38 {Shinji} Mother...
01:09:38 {Misato} Do nothing.
01:09:39 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
01:09:39 {Misato} Do nothing.
01:09:41 {Asuka} None of your business.
01:09:41 {Gendo} Pilot that Eva.
01:09:43 {Voice} Your existence means nothing to me.
01:09:43 {Gendo} Pilot that Eva.
01:09:43 {Asuka} None of your business.
01:09:44 {Gendo} Pilot that Eva.
01:09:45 {Rei} I don't know.
01:09:45 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
01:09:45 {Rei} I don't know.
01:09:45 {Voice} Just disappear already.
01:09:45 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
01:09:46 {Rei} I don't know.
01:09:47 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
01:09:47 {Voice} You'd burden me as a friend.
01:09:47 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
01:09:48 {Shinji} Misato-san...
01:09:49 {Rei} I don't know.
01:09:50 {Voice} To be honest, I don't just dislike you.
01:09:50 {Misato} Do nothing.
01:09:50 {Gendo} Pilot that Eva.
01:09:51 {Asuka} None of your business.
01:09:52 {Voice} I hate people like you the most.
01:09:52 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
01:09:53 {Rei} I don't know.
01:09:53 {Misato} Do nothing.
01:09:54 {Gendo} Pilot that Eva.
01:09:55 {Asuka} None of your business.
01:09:55 {Voice}    Bye-bye!
01:09:56 {Misato} Do nothing.
01:09:56 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
01:09:57 {Rei} I don't know.
01:09:57 {Gendo} Pilot that Eva.
01:09:57 {Asuka} None of your business.
01:09:58 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
01:09:58 {Asuka} None of your business.
01:09:58 {Misato} Do nothing.
01:09:59 {Rei} I don't know.
01:09:59 {Gendo} Pilot that Eva.
01:10:00 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
01:10:00 {Misato} Do nothing.
01:10:01 {Asuka} None of your business.
01:10:02 {Misato} Do nothing.
01:10:03 {Asuka} None of your business.
01:10:05 {Sakura} Please just don't pilot an Eva!
01:10:07 {Rei} I don't know.
01:10:08 {Gendo} Pilot that Eva.
01:10:16 {Shinji} What was I doing?
01:00:47 {Fuyutsuki} The final executor is complete at last.
01:00:50 {Gendo} Yes. Everything we need is right here.
01:00:56 {Kaworu} The time has come.
01:00:59 {Kaworu} This is it, Ikari Shinji-kun.
01:01:02 {Shinji} No!
01:01:05 {Shinji} I never want to pilot an Eva again!
01:01:07 {Shinji} I didn't save Ayanami after all!
01:01:10 {Shinji} Nothing good ever came out of piloting an Eva!
01:01:13 {Shinji} I've had enough! I don't want to do anything!
01:01:16 {Kaworu} And nothing good comes from replaying your painful memories either.
01:01:24 {Shinji} Nothing is ever good!
01:01:26 {Shinji} You showed me it yourself, Nagisa-kun.
01:01:29 {Shinji} The blood-red world I can't do anything about...
01:01:32 {Kaworu} That which was changed by Eva can be restored by Eva in turn.
01:11:45 {Shinji} You say that, but my father, Evas, Misato-san...
01:11:48 {Shinji} I can't believe in anyone, or anything!
01:01:43 {Kaworu} Still, I want you to believe in me.
01:01:46 {Shinji} I can't!
01:01:49 {Shinji} Misato-san had this thing put on me.
01:01:53 {Shinji} They told me to never pilot an Eva again.
01:01:55 {Shinji} They said that I'd die if I did.
01:01:59 {Shinji} I don't care about Evas anymore.
01:02:09 {Kaworu} I understand.
01:02:10 {Kaworu} I will shoulder the burden of the Lilin's curse and the risk of Eva's Awakening.
01:02:21 {Shinji} Nagisa-kun...
01:02:24 {Kaworu} No need to worry.
01:02:26 {Kaworu} The Lilin originally created this due to their fear of me.
01:02:29 {Kaworu} I intended to take it from you at some point.
01:02:34 {Kaworu} Ikari Shinji-kun, your only hope lies with the two Spears left at the Impact epicenter in Dogma.
01:02:41 {Kaworu} They are the keys to invoking the Instrumentality Project.
01:02:45 {Kaworu} We should take those Spears for ourselves.
01:02:48 {Kaworu} That way, Nerv can no longer trigger the Fourth Impact,
01:02:52 {Kaworu} And if we use them together with Eva-13, we can even repair the world.
01:02:58 {Shinji} I guess so.
01:03:03 {Shinji} Yeah, I'm sure you can do it.
01:03:05 {Kaworu} *We* can do it, you mean.
01:03:07 {Kaworu} Eva-13 uses a double entry system.
01:03:11 {Kaworu} Let's become the hope of Lilin together.
01:03:15 {Kaworu} What you need most of all right now is hope,
01:03:19 {Kaworu} along with atonement and serenity.
01:03:25 {Shinji} You're amazing. You know everything.
01:03:30 {Kaworu} Only because I'm always thinking about you.
01:03:35 {Shinji} Thank you, Nagisa-kun.
01:03:38 {Kaworu} Just call me Kaworu.
01:03:40 {Shinji} Well, uh...
01:03:43 {Shinji} You can call me Shinji, then.
01:03:49 {Kaworu} It's the same as playing piano.
01:03:50 {Kaworu} Good things will happen if we're together, Shinji-kun.
01:14:03 {Shinji} Yeah.
01:03:56 {Shinji} Let's go, Kaworu-kun.
01:04:38 {Both} Evangelion 13, start up!
01:04:43 {Aoba} Signal detected!
01:04:44 {Aoba} Activation of a new Eva confirmed!
01:05:06 {Shinji} We're not alone.
01:05:08 {Kaworu} You mean the Mark.09?
01:05:08 {Kaworu} It's here as our backup.
01:05:12 {Kaworu} It'll look out for any signs of Wille activity.
01:05:15 {Shinji} Just the two of us would've been enough.
01:05:18 {Shinji} She's not Ayanami anyway...
01:05:22 {Rei} Not... Ayanami?
01:05:28 {Shinji} The walls are...
01:05:30 {Kaworu} Yes, all failures of infinity.
01:05:38 {Kaworu} Don't let them weigh upon your mind.
01:05:42 {Kaworu} We're nearly at Lilith's barrier.
01:05:45 {Kaworu} The Main Shaft is completely blocked,
01:05:47 {Kaworu} keeping anyone from intruding over the past fourteen years.
01:05:56 {Shinji} It's just like a huge lid.
01:06:00 {Kaworu} Don't worry. Eva-13 was designed to break through it.
01:06:03 {Kaworu} We can do it together.
01:16:14 {Shinji} Right.
01:06:15 {Kaworu} Try to join tempos.
01:06:17 {Kaworu} Think about our piano duets.
01:06:24 {Kaworu} Let's go, Shinji-kun.
01:06:48 {Shinji} We did it!
01:07:07 {Kaworu} Here we are. The deepest level of Central Dogma.
01:07:14 {Kaworu} The epicenter of Third Impact.
01:07:21 {Shinji} Is that Lilith?
01:07:23 {Kaworu} It *used* to be.
01:07:25 {Kaworu} Now, it is her corpse.
01:07:27 {Shinji} Misato-san... even though we risked our lives to protect it...
01:07:32 {Shinji} Huh? Is that an Eva?
01:07:35 {Kaworu} Yes, the Eva Mark.06.
01:07:38 {Kaworu} Remodeled into an autonomous type,
01:07:40 {Kaworu} exploitation by the Lilin brought the unit to this state of ruin.
01:07:48 {Shinji} The things that are piercing them... are our targets?
01:07:52 {Kaworu} Yes, the Spears of Longinus and Cassius.
01:07:55 {Kaworu} Wielding both requires two souls.
01:08:00 {Kaworu} That's why we have the double entry system.
01:08:04 {Shinji} Then... wouldn't *that* pilot have been just as good for this as me?
01:08:08 {Kaworu} No, a replica Lilin won't do.
01:08:10 {Kaworu} Her soul is in the wrong place.
01:08:14 {Kaworu} Well, let's begin.
01:08:23 {Kaworu} Hold on.
01:08:25 {Kaworu} Something's wrong.
01:08:26 {Shinji} What is it, Kaworu-kun?
01:08:31 {Kaworu} This is odd...
01:08:32 {Kaworu} Both Spears have morphed into the same shape.
01:08:36 {Shinji} We should hurry and pull the Spears out.
01:08:38 {Shinji} It's the only reason I'm piloting this Eva.
01:08:44 {Shinji} What's going on?!
01:08:55 {Shinji} Eva-02?
01:08:57 {Shinji} Asuka!
01:09:00 {Shinji} What are you doing, Asuka?!
01:09:05 {Asuka} Stupid Shinji?!
01:09:06 {Asuka} You can't seriously be piloting an Eva?!
01:09:08 {Shinji} I am.
01:09:10 {Shinji} And I'm going to change the world doing it!
01:09:13 {Asuka} You damned brat...
01:09:15 {Asuka} If that's how it is, don't pilot!
01:09:25 {Asuka} Your support fire is always late!
01:09:26 {Mari} Sorry, sorry!
01:09:28 {Mari} Adams' Vessel-san,
01:09:31 {Mari} at least I'll stop *you* in your tracks.
01:09:54 {Shinji} Why are you getting in our way, Asuka?
01:09:56 {Shinji} Those are our Spears of hope!
01:10:01 {Asuka} Stop!... looking!... for trouble!
01:10:04 {Asuka} You brat, Shinji!
01:10:05 {Asuka} Are you trying to cause Third Impact again?
01:10:07 {Shinji} No I'm not!
01:10:09 {Shinji} If I get the Spears, I can fix everything!
01:10:12 {Shinji} I'm trying to save the world!
01:10:16 {Asuka} You really *are* a little brat.
01:10:19 {Shinji} You just don't get it!
01:10:30 {Shinji} Kaworu-kun, help me out here!
01:10:34 {Kaworu} Cassius and Longinus. Both of the Spears are needed.
01:10:39 {Kaworu} But the only two Spears that are here are the same...
01:10:43 {Shinji} Kaworu-kun!
01:10:44 {Kaworu} I see!
01:10:46 {Kaworu} Now I understand,
01:10:48 {Kaworu} Lilin!
01:10:55 {Mari} Seele's fill-in pilot,
01:10:58 {Mari} you can hear me, right?
01:11:00 {Mari} You should get out of there before you turn into an Adams' Vessel.
01:11:04 {Rei} No. That is not what I was ordered.
01:11:07 {Mari} Talk about straightlaced.
01:11:09 {Mari} Your original was a lot friendlier, you know.
01:11:12 {Rei} Original?
01:11:14 {Rei} Another me?
01:11:30 {Shinji} Kaworu-kun, what happened to you?!
01:11:45 {Shinji} Asuka!
01:11:46 {Shinji} I'm begging you, stay out of the way!
01:11:49 {Asuka} Go down already, bratty Shinji!
01:11:57 {Asuka} You're kidding me!
01:11:58 {Asuka} Hey, Glasses! Throw me a spare!
01:12:07 {Shinji} Now's our chance to grab the Spears!
01:12:11 {Asuka} I can't believe he'd hit a girl.
01:12:13 {Asuka} Bastard.
01:12:14 {Mari} Spare, incoming!
01:12:28 {Kaworu} Stop, Shinji-kun.
01:12:30 {Kaworu} I have a really bad feeling about this.
01:12:32 {Shinji} We can't stop now, Kaworu-kun!
01:12:34 {Shinji} Remember why we came all the way here?
01:12:37 {Kaworu} Don't do this!
01:12:38 {Kaworu} Those aren't the Spears we came for!
01:12:41 {Shinji} Not... the Spears we came for?
01:12:47 {Shinji} You're the one who said we need the Spears.
01:12:50 {Shinji} That's why I got into this Eva!
01:12:57 {Kaworu} The controls...
01:13:02 {Shinji} For Kaworu-kun,
01:13:05 {Shinji} for everyone, I will get the Spears!
01:13:07 {Shinji} Only then will the world go back to how it should be.
01:13:11 {Shinji} That way, even Misato-san would...
01:13:15 {Asuka} Crap!
01:13:16 {Asuka} Glasses, I've lifted the block.
01:13:18 {Asuka} You're cleared to use AA rounds!
01:13:20 {Mari} I've been waiting for this!
01:13:22 {Mari} Check these babies out!
01:13:30 {Mari} There's no A.T. Field?
01:13:32 {Mari} Don't tell me that unit...
01:13:46 {Kaworu} Don't do it, Shinji-kun!
01:13:48 {Asuka} Stop, you stupid brat!
01:14:13 {Gendo} Let's begin, Fuyutsuki.
01:14:22 {Shinji} Eva Mark.06?
01:14:25 {Shinji} Blood type blue?
01:14:26 {Shinji} What's going on?
01:14:30 {Asuka} This is bad!
01:14:32 {Asuka} The Twelfth Angel is still alive!
01:14:35 {Asuka} Glasses! Container No.3!
01:14:37 {Mari} Aye, ma'am!
01:14:40 {Asuka} We'll take care of this before Third Impact starts up again!
01:14:49 {Rei} I was ordered to.
01:15:00 {Shinji} An Angel?!
01:15:10 {Mari} Princess, stop wasting your bullets.
01:15:14 {Mari} The whole thing is a core.
01:15:17 {Mari} There's nothing we can do about it now.
01:15:21 {Mari} Plus, we don't know *what* might happen once the final Angel is defeated.
01:15:26 {Mari} Troubling, isn't it?
01:15:32 {Rei} Is that...
01:15:37 {Rei} Is that me?
01:15:41 {Rei} What am I?
01:15:46 {Shinji} The controls aren't working!
01:15:47 {Shinji} What's going on, Kaworu-kun?
01:15:51 {Shinji} Kaworu-kun!
01:15:53 {Kaworu} I never thought that I, the First Angel,
01:15:56 {Kaworu} would be cast down to the Thirteenth.
01:16:00 {Shinji} What are you talking about, Kaworu-kun?!
01:16:04 {Kaworu} So the beginning and the end are the same.
01:16:08 {Kaworu} I expected no less from the King of the Lilin,
01:16:11 {Kaworu} Shinji-kun's father!
01:16:13 {Mari} Blood type blue from the DSS Choker?
01:16:15 {Mari} But there shouldn't *be* a Thirteenth!
01:16:19 {Mari} So this is what Gendo-kun was aiming for.
01:16:24 {Gendo} It is time to amend the Dead Sea Scrolls' contract.
01:16:29 {Gendo} This is farewell.
01:16:33 {Gendo} Though you have all changed the form of your souls,
01:16:37 {Gendo} you are still creatures blessed with the Fruit of Knowledge.
01:16:41 {Gendo} Though you could have lived for an eternity,
01:16:44 {Gendo} you can escape the fate of death no more than us.
01:16:50 {Gendo} To advance the evolution of the flock burdened by death,
01:16:54 {Gendo} you gave us the gift of civilization.
01:17:00 {Gendo} On behalf of humanity, I thank you.
01:17:04 {Gendo} Let death return your souls to where they belong.
01:17:12 {Gendo} The long desired Human Instrumentality Project,
01:17:15 {Gendo} and the inevitable deicide, will be completed by me.
01:17:19 {Gendo} Rest assured.
01:17:21 {Seele 01} Our wishes have come to fruition.
01:17:25 {Seele 01} Good.
01:17:26 {Seele 01} All is well now.
01:17:29 {Seele 01} We wish for Human Instrumentality, the peaceful purification of all souls.
01:18:06 {Asuka} It's transcending its pseudo-evolved form!
01:18:09 {Mari} Guess it's Awakened...
01:18:12 {Mari} It's one of the surviving Adams!
01:18:49 {Shinji} What is this?
01:19:04 {Shinji} What's going on?
01:19:11 {Shinji} Is this all my fault?
01:19:14 {Shinji} Because I pulled out the Spears?
01:19:22 {Shinji} This is...!
01:19:24 {Kaworu} Fourth Impact.
01:19:28 {Kaworu} This is the opening ritual.
01:19:45 {Shinji} Kaworu-kun...
01:19:46 {Shinji} The choker!
01:19:55 {Shinji} Misato-san?!
01:19:59 {Misato} A.T. Field at maximum!
01:20:01 {Misato} Contain the Eva in its present state!
01:20:03 {Misato} Prepare the main cannons for a salvo! Load the mortar shells!
01:20:06 {Misato} We'll do whatever it takes to keep Fourth Impact in check!
01:20:08 {Misato} Fire!
01:20:17 {Midori} We've taken damage! Direct hit to the main cannons!
01:20:19 {Misato} The Adams' Vessel?!
01:20:26 {Tama} Central hull hit! Extent of damage unknown!
01:20:28 {Woman (BG)} / The target new-type Eva ####
01:20:30 {Sumire} Rudder irresponsive!
01:20:32 {Sumire} We're losing altitude!
01:30:51 {Tama} Another hit on the central hull!
01:30:51 {Aoba} Severe damage to the third armor plate!
01:20:46 {Ritsuko} The Adams' Vessel is Wunder's true master.
01:20:48 {Ritsuko} It intends to take the ship's controls back from Eva-01!
01:20:57 {Rei} Why can't I restore the link?
01:21:05 {Mari} Oh, man!
01:21:07 {Mari} That's one hell of a mess they got themselves in.
01:21:10 {Asuka} Glasses, you handle the brat's Eva!
01:21:12 {Asuka} I'll help out Wunder with 02'!
01:21:14 {Mari} Roger!
01:21:15 {Midori} Unable to reject the Adams' Vessel!
01:21:17 {Tama} Unidentified data is infiltrating the main control system!
01:21:19 {Aoba} It's hijacking control of the ship!
01:21:43 {Asuka} No fair! That reeks of Seele.
01:21:53 {Asuka} Mode change!
01:21:55 {Asuka} Code 777!
01:22:04 {Rei} Who's there?
01:22:05 {Asuka} Who the hell are *you*?!
01:22:24 {Aoba} Report from the observation station.
01:22:26 {Aoba} Eva-02' has engaged the Adams' Vessel!
01:22:27 {Misato} We're counting on you, Asuka.
01:22:48 {Rei} What would Ayanami Rei do in this situation?
01:22:51 {Asuka} Hell if I know!
01:22:52 {Asuka} What do *you* want to do?!
01:22:58 {Asuka} I've got the core now!
01:23:09 {Asuka} The whole thing is the core?!
01:23:12 {Asuka} I don't have time.
01:23:14 {Asuka} Sorry, Eva-02!
01:23:31 {Sumire} Control system restored!
01:23:33 {Misato} Emergency launch of all ships!
01:23:34 {Misato} Pursue the target Eva immediately!
01:23:36 {Ritsuko} Captain, we must wait until the main engine recovers.
01:23:40 {Misato} Shinji-kun...
01:24:02 {Shinji} This is all because of me...?
01:24:06 {Shinji} I... I...
01:24:12 {Kaworu} It's not your fault.
01:24:15 {Kaworu} It happened because I became the Thirteenth Angel.
01:24:19 {Kaworu} I was the trigger.
01:24:21 {Shinji} What should I do?
01:24:24 {Shinji} Tell me, what should I do?
01:24:31 {Shinji} Kaworu-kun,
01:24:34 {Shinji} what would be the right thing?
01:24:37 {Kaworu} Even if your soul disappears, your hopes and curses remain in this world.
01:24:43 {Kaworu} Your will roams the world as information and gradually changes.
01:24:48 {Kaworu} In time, even your very self is altered.
01:24:54 {Kaworu} I'm sorry. This wasn't the happiness you desired.
01:24:59 {Kaworu} I'll close the Door of Guf.
01:25:03 {Kaworu} You don't need to worry, Shinji-kun.
01:25:05 {Shinji} Kaworu-kun...
01:25:08 {Shinji} What are you talking about, Kaworu-kun?
01:25:11 {Shinji} I don't get it at all!
01:25:18 {Kaworu} Shinji-kun, you just need to find peace and a place to call your own.
01:25:31 {Kaworu} Fate will surely guide you.
01:25:37 {Kaworu} Don't look at me like that.
01:25:41 {Kaworu} We'll meet again, Shinji-kun.
01:25:44 {Shinji} Kaworu-kun!
01:26:04 {Mari} The Door of Guf still hasn't closed!
01:26:06 {Mari} So, Puppy Boy was Seele's backup!
01:26:25 {Mari} Everything's settled!
01:26:26 {Mari} Get a hold of yourself, Puppy Boy!
01:26:30 {Mari} Stop being such a baby!
01:26:31 {Mari} Help out the Princess, at least!
01:26:33 {Mari} You're a man, aren't you?!
01:26:36 {Mari} And while you're at it, get to know the world a little!
01:27:33 {Fuyutsuki} Look at this mess.
01:27:35 {Fuyutsuki} Nearly everything went as Seele had intended.
01:27:38 {Gendo} Even so, we eliminated Seele's boy and guided Eva-13 to its Awakening.
01:27:46 {Gendo} Captain Katsuragi's actions are also within expectations.
01:27:49 {Gendo} This will do for now.
01:27:52 {Hyuga} All ships, remain in secondary state of alert.
01:27:55 {Midori} No blood type blue readings.
01:27:57 {Midori} No units detected in the monitored airspace.
01:27:59 {Tama} Emergency repairs to the central hull completed.
01:28:01 {Ritsuko} I don't know who did it, but Fourth Impact was stopped.
01:28:07 {Ritsuko} Misato, this should be good enough for now.
01:29:01 {Asuka} You brat, Shinji.
01:29:04 {Asuka} You didn't come to help me.
01:29:10 {Asuka} Only thinking about yourself, as usual.
01:29:12 {Asuka} You think you can get away with everything if you don't say a word.
01:29:40 {Asuka} You're still such a baby.
01:39:52 {Asuka} Even after all this time,
01:39:53 {Asuka} you're nothing but an irksome brat!
01:29:47 {Asuka} Here, put this on.
01:29:50 {Asuka} Jeez! You can't even *stand* on your own?!
01:29:58 {Asuka} You're the pilot from before.
01:30:02 {Asuka} From an early lot of Ayanami types, are you?
01:30:11 {Asuka} The L Barrier density is too high here, so they won't be able to come for us.
01:30:16 {Asuka} We'll go someplace where the Lilin can pick us up.
01:30:23 {Asuka} Come on!
01:41:00 {Captain} To Be Continued
01:35:11 {Caption} Preview
01:35:12 {Narrator} Shinji Ikari is still adrift after losing his will to live.
01:35:16 {Narrator} He'll discover hope at the place he ends up.
01:35:19 {Narrator} Finally the Instrumentality Project is set in motion.
01:35:22 {Narrator} Wille make one last grueling stand to prevent Final Impact.
01:35:26 {Narrator} The Wunder tears through the sky!
01:35:27 {Narrator} Eva Unit 8+2 races across the red earth!
01:35:32 {Narrator} Next time in "New Evangelion Theatrical Edition".
01:35:34 {Title} Next Time New Evangelion Theatrical Edition: ||
01:35:34 {Narrator} There'll be plenty of fan service all the way to the end!
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