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EvLightning is a Roblox Lua library that aims to generate realistic-looking lightning bolts. This could be used to easily add lightning strike effects to your game.

Lightning demo


local LightningBolt = require(

local myBolt =, 400, 0),, 0, 0), {
  color ="Really red");
  -- More options are available, see below...

A lightning bolt is split into lines, and where the lines meet is considered to be a "bend". At each bend, there is a chance to create a fork, which will create another bolt with its own bends, which in turn have chances to create their own forks, etc. You can control how many bends are in the bolt and the chance of creating a fork at each bend.


LightningBolt from, Vector3 to[, dictionary options])

Returns an instance of LightningBolt. Automatically generates in the constructor, but further methods must be called on the returned instance to render the bolt.


There are a number of options that you can pass in a third argument to in the form of a table dictionary. All options are optional, and have default values.

Option name Description Default value Type
seed A numerical seed which could be used to generate the same lightning bolt across a network. Random Number
bends The number of bends the main bolt should have. 6 Integer
fork_bends The number of bends to put into forks off of the main bolt. 2 Integer
fork_chance The chance to create a new fork off of each bend. (0-100) 50 Number
transparency The transparency of the main bolt. Transparency is reduced at every fork. 0.4 Number
thickness The thickness of the main bolt. Thickness is reduced at every fork. 1 Number
max_depth The maximum depth that forks can reach off the main bolt, which is depth 0. 3 Integer
color The color of the bolt White BrickColor or Color3
material The material of the bolt Enum.Material.Neon Enum.Material
decay The number of seconds for the bolt to exist after being drawn. Infinite Number

Note that the fork_chance option is not an equal chance for every bend in the bolt. The chance is distributed in a gradient down the length of the bolt, meaning that if the fork_chance is 50, then at the very top it will be 0, at the middle it will be 25, and at the very bottom it will be 50. This is done so that less forks are generated towards the top, which makes the bolt look more realistic. If you need to create upwards-forking lightning, then simply reverse the to and from arguments.

void bolt:Draw([Instance parent = Workspace])

Draws the lightning bolt in the world with the given options. An optional argument, parent, can be passed, which will be the parent of the generated lightning bolt parts. If this argument is omitted, there will be a new model created in Workspace containing the bolt parts.

array bolt:GetLines()

Returns a table of tables, containing the line information. The member tables have the keys origin, goal, and depth. This is only necessary if you want to draw the lightning bolt manually (i.e. not calling Draw).

		origin 	= Vector3 origin,
		goal 	= Vector3 endpoint,
		depth	= Number depth
		origin 	= Vector3 origin,
		goal 	= Vector3 endpoint,
		depth	= Number depth
	-- ...

void bolt:Destroy()

If the lightning bolt has been drawn, this method will destroy the model that was created.

dictionary bolt:GetOptions()

Returns a table of the options that were passed into the constructor. Default values are not applied here.

bool bolt:IsDestroyed()

Returns true if the lightning bolt has either been destroyed or has decayed.

bool bolt:IsDrawn()

Returns true of the Draw method has been called on this particular instance.


EvLightning is a Roblox Lua library. Its purpose is to generate realistic-looking lightning bolts. This could be used to easily add lightning strike effects to any game





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