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Need help? Have a suggestion, comment, or problem? Join the Discord server.


A Discord bot for managing small party voting systems such as a council or small group who want to deliberate on matters democratically. Contributions and suggestions are welcome.

Looking for a bot that provides quick on-the-fly poll-based votes to your entire community? Check out Poll Dancer


Admin commands

These commands can only be run by someone with the Manage Server permission, or with a role named Votum Admin.

Command Description
!Council [name] Create a council (or rename) in the channel you run this in, with an optional name.
!Council remove Remove a council from the channel you run this in.
!CouncilStats Displays some statistics about your council.
!SetWeight [user/role] [weight] Sets the vote weight for users with a role or a user. See Weighted Voting
!VoteWeights Display the current vote weights. See Weighted Voting
!config [key] [value] Configures a setting in this council. See the table below.
!config [key] $remove Sets this setting back to its default.

Configuration Points

Key Value type Description Default
councilor.role role Define a role that councilors must have to vote. Otherwise, anyone that can see the channel can vote and will be counted for the majority count. None
propose.role role Restricts proposing motions to users with this role only (in addition to the councilor role). None
dictator.role role Any time a user with the dictator role votes, the motion will pass or fail immediately based on how they voted. None
user.cooldown number Set the number of hours a councilor must wait between proposals. (Killed motions do not trigger the cooldown). 0
user.cooldown.kill boolean Whether or not killing motions should trigger the cooldown. false
motion.expiration number Set the number of hours a motion can remain active. 0 channel Designate a channel where all passed and failed (not killed) motions will be logged. None
on.passed.announce channel A channel that announces passed motions only. None
on.killed.announce channel A channel that announces killed motions only. None
on.failed.announce channel A channel that announces failed motions only. None
councilor.motion.disable boolean Whether or not creating new motions is disabled in this council (only accepts forwarded motions) false
motion.queue boolean If enabled, motions can be created when another is active and will be queued, automatically starting when the current motion ends. false
majority.default majority-type The default majority for motions. Fraction or percentage. 1/2
majority.minimum majority-type The minimum majority councilors can create motions with. 1/2
majority.reached.ends boolean Whether or not motions end as soon as majority is reached. Otherwise, all councilors will need to vote. true
on.finish.actions json A set of actions that will take place when a motion resolves. See Finish Actions None
vote.weights json A map of User/Role IDs to the amount of votes that they are worth. Allows councilors to be worth different amounts of votes. See Weighted Voting None
reason.required.yes boolean Whether or not the user must provide a reason with a positive vote. true boolean Whether or not the user must provide a reason with a negative vote. true
reason.required.abstain boolean Whether or not the user must provide a reason with a neutral vote. false
create.deliberation.channels boolean Whether or not to create deliberation channels for each motion. false
keep.transcripts boolean Whether or not to keep transcripts of the deliberation channels before they are deleted. false

Councilor commands

Command Description
!motion See the current motion.
!motion <motion text> Call a motion with the given text.
!motion [options] <motion text> Call a motion with Motion options
!motion kill Kill the current motion. (Only admins or the motion author can do this).
`!yes aye
`!no nay
!abstain [reason] Abstain from voting with an optional reason.
!lazyvoters Mentions any council members who haven't voted on the current motion yet.
!archive [range] Allows you to view past motions. Provide a range of numbers to view a summary, or provide a single number to view a motion.
!archive export Exports your council's data as a JSON file.

Motion Options

Motion options are special flags you can put at the beginning of your motion to change options about the motion. Right now, the only options available are for changing the majority type.

Option flag Aliases Type Description
majority m majority type A percentage or fraction indicating the majority type.
unanimous u boolean Specifies the motion should be unanimous (shortcut for -m 100%)

To start a motion with 2/3rd majority, you could use the commands (all are equivalent):

  • !motion -m 2/3 Motion text goes here
  • !motion --majority 2/3 Motion text goes here
  • !motion --majority 66% Motion text goes here

Unanimous motion (all are equivalent):

  • !motion -u Motion text goes here
  • !motion --unanimous Motion text goes here
  • !motion -m 100% Motion text goes here
  • !motion -m 1/1 Motion text goes here


  • Multiple councils can be defined in one Discord server, as the councils are based on channels.
  • Upon a tie, the motion will remain forever until someone breaks the tie.
  • The councilor cooldown is not triggered if the motion is killed.
  • When a motion expires, the outcome is determined by majority votes. If there are more "yes" than "no" votes, it will pass, and vice-versa.
  • If you do not set a Councilor role, the total number of voters is determined by who can see the channel. It's recommended that you set a role for councilors so that you can be sure that only possible voters count towards the total number needed for majority.
  • Server admins (or people with a role called Votum Admin) can always create motions.

Quick set-up guide

  1. Pick a channel that your councilors will deliberate in.
  2. Run !Council My Council to mark this channel as a council. (Change "My Council" to whatever you want it to be named.)
  3. Create a role for the members of your council and give it to your voters. Then, run !config councilor.role RoleNameHere.
  4. Run !motion This is my first motion. You're all done! Check out the other configuration options above for more advanced use.

Finish Actions

With the on.finish.actions configuration point, you can supply custom JSON configuration that tells Votum what to do with your motion once it resolves. Most prominently, you can forward your motion into other councils (based on the majority type) with potentially different options. Use this link to be taken to a form where you can generate a valid JSON configuration for this option. The actions have these fields:

field type description
action string enum (forward) The action. Only forward is supported.
to snowflake The discord ID of the channel of the new council
atMajority? number A number between 0-1 that will filter this action from triggering unless the motion resolved with this given majority (optional)
options? string Motion options

Weighted Voting

With the vote.weights configuration point, you can supply a JSON mapping between User and Role IDs to the amounts of votes that they will cast. If a councilor has more than one of the roles, their votes will be added together.

The provided JSON should be an object which has role/user ID string keys mapped to numerical values. For example, this is a valid mapping:

  "113691352327389188": 5,
  "400057282752151565": 2,
  "601529861244321793": 4,
  "401864080446717952": 8

To learn how to get the user and role IDs, check out this help article.

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A Discord bot for managing small party voting systems








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