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This repository powers, which hosts the exercises for PairUp events.

A PairUp is an event where people come, get paired up with people of their level, and hack on a project for a few hours. The goal is for them to learn something new, practice their skills, and experience pairing. It's based on an event series called Protonight.

How do you run a PairUp?

  1. Find a venue that preferably has pairing stations, like a local immersion school. We held ours at DevBootCamp in SF.
  2. Pick an appropriate date and time. We went for a Saturday morning, 10-12:30, with free breakfast at the beginning and optionally going out for lunch after.
  3. Advertise the event. Specify in the description what the levels are (1: HTML/CSS, 2: JS, 3: Advanced JS), and ask attendees what level they think they are at. Here's how we advertised it:
  4. Find TAs that can help answer questions at the different levels.
  5. Prepare sets of name badges based on the attendees count. Put different stickers for each level, and create pairs of name badges by writing the same letter twice on each name badge of a particular level. (Like Lions A, Lions B, etc.)
  6. Set out those name badges next to "Level 1", "Level 2", "Level 3" at the event.
  7. Start off the event by having everyone introducing themselves, then call off each level and letter so that each person finds their pair.
  8. Make sure that each pair has found a pairing station and figured out an appropriate exercise to work on in the first 15 minutes or so.
  9. Keep walking around and checking to see if anyone has questions.
  10. Put up a "Wall of Wisdom" with post-its, and encourage everyone to write up what they learn at the end of the PairUp.

We are welcoming ideas to improve our event. Please send us an email to or tweet me at @EvaGZamudio



Project: host an event for girls to pair up for couple hours and hack.



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