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envizon - by evait security

network visualization & pentest reporting

Version 5.0

This tool is designed, developed and supported by evait security. In order to give something back to the security community, we publish our internally used and developed, state of the art network visualization and vulnerability reporting tool, 'envizon'. We hope your feedback will help to improve and hone it even further.




This is not a low-resource application. It is not recommended to run this software on embedded devices such as a raspberry pi. You should use a 64-bit architecture and at least 8 GB of RAM to get full experience (e.g. screenshotting multiple web services).

Use Case

We use envizon for our pentests in order to get an overview of a network and quickly identify the most promising targets. The version 3.0 introduce new features such as screenshotting web services, organizing vulnerabilities or generating reports with custom docx templates.

Core Features:

  • Scan networks with predefined or custom nmap queries
  • Order clients with preconfigured or custom groups
  • Search through all attributes of clients and create complex linked queries
  • Get an overview of your targets during pentests with predefined security labels or the subnet view
  • Screenshot Visualize all http-like applications of your targets using chrome-headless (selenium) - VNC soon™
  • Save and reuse your most used nmap scans
  • Collaborate with your team on the project in realtime (all users share the same password / workspace)
  • Export selected clients in a text file to connect other tools fast
  • Manage issue template and create vulnerabilities linked to hosts in the database
  • Create customer pentest reports with docx templates
  • Take notes no nearly any object (WIP)

Okay, i will use this tool - how to start?

Usage instructions