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Normalize version tags #29

schwern opened this Issue · 3 comments

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So 1.2.3 is tagged as v1.2.3. This makes versions stand out, follows the git semi-standard, and prevents versions like .01 from choking git.

v1.2.3 is left as v1.2.3.


I've decided to prefix the versions with version/. This prefix might change (for example, cpan-version/ but the basic idea is the same.

It still seems worth normalizing the versions, if nothing else so the version tags sort well. A module with 1.2.2, v1.2.3 and 1.2.4 wouldn't sort properly without normalization.


There's several needs here with versioning.

  1. Go from the CPAN release version to the gitpan tag with a minimum (or no) processing (and vice versa)
  2. Sort versions properly as gitpan tags.
  3. Provide a list of all released versions with no duplicates.

I think we need two tags for each committed release. One contains the version exactly as it exists on CPAN. This solves 1. Prefix it with cpan_version/.

The other contains the gitpan normalized version. This solves 2. Prefix it with gitpan_version/.

Either solve 3.

For example, Foo-Bar-v1.2.3 might be tagged as cpan_version/v1.2.3 and gitpan_version/1.2.3. Gitpan might even go as far as to convert 1.005000 to gitpan_version/1.5.0, but that's probably too much guesswork.

@schwern schwern changed the title from Normalize version tags with a v prefix to Normalize version tags
@schwern schwern added this to the Pre-launch 2.0 milestone
@schwern schwern referenced this issue from a commit
@schwern schwern Move making versions tag safe into Gitpan::Git.
Gitpan::Release->normalize_version wasn't really normalizing the version
as #29 intends, it was just making it safe for tagging.  Every version
tag, normalized or not, will need that.  It doesn't really belong in
Gitpan::Release and it's not really normalization, so put it into
Gitpan::Git instead.
@schwern schwern referenced this issue from a commit
@schwern schwern Add Gitpan::Release->gitpan_version for version normalization.
I've picked a small release with different version schemes to test with.

For #29

There might be more normalization later, but this sets up the basic infrastructure and handles the most common case.

@schwern schwern closed this
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