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Update frequency or fail rate? #56

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I've started using a process like (dev's git repo || gitpan) > fork > git submodule add to manage dependencies for my perl apps. I just have a question about the frequency or reliability of gitpan's updates.

For example, Net::Server has v2.006 (and 7 other newer versions posted) vs. gitpan's current v0.97 (of 2007).

Is there any way for me to identify packages which are dead-ended (or otherwise broken) in gitpan or know how long an interval the update/sync period is typical?



Gitpan is not running at all. The initial import was done with prototype code that required a lot of babysitting for it to do a run. There is a rewrite in the works, but there's no ETA for it being complete.

Ironically, I can't even list out all the repositories to delete them until the importer starts running again. :-/ Github's API can't handle a list of 22,000 repositories.


Oh, bummer. Let me know if there's anything I can do to chip in.

Given time, I could probably spider you the 22,000 repo URLs, for example... to be delivered via gist, of course.


I've grabbed all the URLs for the gitpan repos in the gist here along with some scripts.


Closing this up as there's nothing actionable here.

@schwern schwern closed this
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