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Why did Gitpan stop updating?

Gitpan was written as a prototype in about two weeks on Schwern's laptop by hacking up git-cpan-import. It contained little error checking or logging and was not written with the idea of updating existing repositories in mind. It could not run without a human to baby it through. As written, it would require too much human attention to run on a regular basis.

When will Gitpan update?

Can't give a timeline. Gitpan will update regularly once we are convinced it can regularly run without human intervention.

Distribution X already has a repository, can you pull from that?

Thank you for the offer, but we cannot.

One of the goals of the Gitpan project is to provide a predictable, unified interface to any CPAN project. This includes the repository location, name, branch names, branch contents and tags. In addition, a Gitpan repository is always guaranteed to contain the code as released which is often not the case with a development repository.

Can you remove distribution X from Gitpan?

Probably not, but we'll consider it in extraordinary circumstances. Please open an issue if you feel a distribution must be removed.

Please see our [removal policy](Removal Policy) for details.