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use Test::More;
use Test::Exception;
use lib 't/lib';
use GenErrorRegex qw< badval_error badtype_error >;
# This time we'll try the method where you subclass MXD and then use MSM inside your subclass.
# Then you can just your subclass instead of MXD.
# Note that this code is nearly identical to t/mxd-replace.t. However, you can't put them in the
# same file, or else whichever one runs first will replace MXMS for the whole program, which
# invalidates the testing of the second one. Possibly they could be combined if we shelled out to
# separate Perl instances (Test::Command is good for that sort of thing). But I'm not sure it's
# worth dragging in the extra testing dependency (and possibly obscuring the test code) at this
# point. If we add a third method for using MSM, that would probably make it worthwhile to do.
eval { require MooseX::Declare } or skip "MooseX::Declare required for this test", 1;
# have to require here or else we try to load MXD before we check for it not being there (above)
require MS_MXD_Sub or die("can't load test module: $@");
$foo = Foo2->new;
$foobar = Foo2::Bar->new;
foreach ( qw< before after around override augment > )
my $method = "test_$_";
throws_ok { $foo->$method('bmoogle') } badval_error($foo, num => Num => 'bmoogle' => $method),
"MXD using MS for method ($_)";
throws_ok { $foobar->$method(.5) } badval_error($foobar, num => Int => .5 => $method),
"MXD using MSM for modifier ($_)";