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use strict;
use warnings;
use lib 't/lib';
use GenErrorRegex qw< badval_error >;
use Test::More;
use Test::Exception;
# This may not be possible. I'm not sure that Role::Basic and Mouse are going to play nice
# together, and I'm not even sure it's a viable use case. That is, if you're using
# Method::Signatures, you're already getting Mouse, and, if you're already getting Mouse, why use
# Role::Basic? Role::Basic's doco itself says that it's designed for people who don't want Mouse
# (or Moose), and, if you don't want Mouse, you might not want to use Method::Signatures, since that
# brings in Mouse whether you like it or not (assuming you're doing type checking, but then, if
# you're not doing type checking, you wouldn't be caring about Role::Basic interaction).
# So if we decide we want to pursue this, it may be possible by working with Ovid and creating a
# Mouse subtype to check Role::Basic roles, but in the meantime, I'm just marking this all TODO.
local $TODO = "Compatibility with Role::Basic unimplemented";
{ package Foo::Bar; sub new { bless {}, __PACKAGE__; } }
eval "use Role::Basic ()" or skip "Role::Basic required for testing basic roles", 2;
require BasicRoleTest;
use Method::Signatures;
my $basic = WithBasicRole->new;
my $foobar = Foo::Bar->new;
func basicy (BasicRole $foo) {}
# positive test
lives_ok { basicy($basic) } 'Basic role passes okay';
# negative test
throws_ok { basicy($foobar) } badval_error(undef, foo => BasicRole => $foobar, 'basicy'),
'Basic role fails when appropriate';