An option to state "we take more arguments but we ignore them" #49

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schwern commented Aug 16, 2012

@barefootcoder does bring up an important issue in his blog post with his around example: sometimes people will add more arguments to your method. If these are named arguments (ie. not positional and optional) then they're probably safe to ignore. Right now he's using (@_) to cover that, but that only works if your method takes no other arguments.

Do we need an option which ways "ignore further named arguments"?

ap commented Aug 17, 2012

Isn’t that already handled by adding a trailing slurpy array argument?


schwern commented Aug 17, 2012

I thought of that, but positionals can't come after named arguments. Even if they could, I have issues with that: 1) its not declaring the intent and 2) its copying all the extra arguments just to throw them out.


barefootcoder commented Dec 2, 2012

Fixed in version 20121201. We'll be using the "yadda yadda" syntax for this (i.e. ...).

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