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Method-Signatures - PPW 2008.pdf


The three talks in this directory are stored as both PDFs and with the original files used to generate them. The three presentations are (in the order in which they were given):

Notes on the presentations:

  • Method::Signatures - This talk explains the rationale behind why schwern wote the module in the first place. Some of the "how" is outdated, but the "why" is still very valuable. The source requires Keynote to rebuild.
  • Method::Signatures (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love MooseX::Declare) - This talk explains how barefootcoder came to the project, and a little on why the module is very cool to use inside MooseX::Declare. The "how" is still a little outdated; the "why" is valuable, although more specific to a certain use case. The source requires Vroom (at least version 0.28) to rebuild.
  • Method::Signatures (a how-to) - This talk is a tutorial that helps explain the use of Method::Signatures, completely irregardless of MooseX::Declare (or even Moose). It is almost all "how" (which is all current as of this writing), and very little "why." The source requires Vroom (at least version 0.28) to rebuild.