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New Features
* try/catch support via Try::Tiny (brunov)
* Added a patching policy. See the PATCHING file.
0.1.0 Sat Jan 23 14:55:52 2010 -0800
* Return to CPAN after deleting 20090424
* New versioning scheme so we can declare incompatibilities, see for details. If you have perl5i installed you must
force an upgrade.
* Thanks to the Open Source Bridge perl5i Hackathon!
Incompatible Changes
* Switched to DateTime from Time::Piece
New Features
* List::Util now autoboxed (Chas)
* time() returns a DateTime object (schwern)
* Added alias() (schwern)
* Now y2038 safe (schwern)
* die always returns 255 regardless of $! or $? (Chas)
* Added a perl5i command line program (dap)
* Add $CWD for localized chdir'ing via File::chdir (schwern)
* Add $scalar->center() (chromatic, benh)
* Add $scalar->ltrim(), ->rtrim() and trim() (benh)
* Add $scalar->wrap() via Text::Wrap (brunov)
* Automatic "use English" (schwern)
* Automatic "use IO::Handle" so things like autoflush are available (schwern)
* Automatic "use Want" (Jeff Lavallee)
* Automatic "no autovivification" (schwern)
Bug Fixes
* stat() works in list context (schwern)
20090424 Fri Apr 24 11:38:24 2009 -0700
* First release
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