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use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use perl5i::latest;
note 'list context'; {
my $thing = 'hello';
my @list = list($thing);
is $thing, 'hello', q{The universe didn't implode};
isa_ok \@list, 'ARRAY', q{list returns array};
is_deeply \@list, [$thing], q{list turned the thing into a list!};
note 'scalar context'; {
my $thing = 'hello';
my $list_thing = list $thing;
like $list_thing, qr/\d/, q{in scalar context, returns array size};
is $list_thing, scalar @{[$thing]}, q{returns the right array size};
note 'all together now'; {
my $thing = 'hello';
my $scalar_list = scalar list $thing;
is $scalar_list, 1, 'scalar list $thing is the size';
note 'list list'; {
my @list = qw(one two three);
my @stuff = list @list;
is_deeply \@stuff, \@list, 'using list on a list gives you a list';
my $thing = list @list;
is_deeply $thing, scalar @list, 'force scalar context, even with list';
note 'wantarray'; {
my $code = sub { ok( wantarray, "list triggers wantarray" ); };
list $code->();
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