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Devel::Declare is provisionally go!

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1 parent 1c6f3e8 commit 39e84a6888b204cb3b3810c657ae2fd6050212a7 @schwern schwern committed May 12, 2010
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@@ -339,13 +339,6 @@ meta-object is more about things you want to do to every object but
don't want to pollute the UNIVERSAL namespace with.
-=head2 Why doesn't perl5i use Module::That::Uses::Devel::Declare?
-At the time of this writing, Devel::Declare is not quite production
-safe. There are many wonderful things which can be done with
-Devel::Declare and we are continually evaluating this position.
=head2 perl5i has too many dependencies!
That's not a question. Eventually, perl5i will look into a bundling

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