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Rewrite the -skip docs to be less about the mechanics of import.

No need to go into the details of how import works.  The user
needs to know what the feature does.

For #228
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@@ -1118,27 +1118,29 @@ Example:
from CPAN or another repository. Your library paths are:
Indented list of paths, 1 per line...
-=head1 C<import>
-This subroutine is called automatically, see L<perlfunc/import>.
+=head1 Turning off features
-When you write an exporting module that itself uses perl5i, you may want to
-disable some features that perl5i exports because they conflict with the
-additional modules you load. For example, when you load L<TryCatch> which
-provides its own C<try> keyword (exported subroutine, really), Perl will
-show the mandatory warning L<perldiag/"Prototype mismatch: %s vs %s">.
-You can avoid the name clash by passing to C<import> a parameter pair,
-where the key is the string C<-skip> and the value is an arrayref of
-strings that describe features that are not going to be activated, e.g.:
+ use perl5i::2 -skip => \@features_to_skip;
+While perl5i is intended as a curated collection of modules, its
+possible you might not want certain features. Features can be
+turned off in your scope by using C<-skip>.
+For example, this will skip loading Try::Tiny.
use perl5i::latest -skip => [qw(Try::Tiny)];
+Why would you do this? You might want to use a different try/catch
+module such as L<TryCatch> which provides its own C<try> and C<catch>.
The feature strings are: C<autobox>, C<autodie>, C<autovivification>,
C<capture>, C<Carp::Fix::1_25>, C<Child>, C<CLASS>, C<die>, C<English>,
C<File::chdir>, C<indirect>, C<list>, C<Meta>, C<Modern::Perl>,
C<Perl6::Caller>, C<Signatures>, C<stat>, C<time>, C<true>, C<Try::Tiny>,
C<utf8::all>, C<Want>.
=head1 Command line program
There is a perl5i command line program installed with perl5i (Windows
@@ -1156,6 +1158,7 @@ If you write a one-liner without using this program, saying C<-Mperl5i> means
C<-Mperl5i::latest>. Please see L</"Using perl5i"> and L</VERSIONING> for
=head1 BUGS
Some parts are not lexical. Some parts are package scoped.

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