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perl5i + Data::Dumper::Simple #181

schwern opened this Issue · 3 comments

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If perl5i is loaded before Data::Dumper::Simple there is a bad reaction deep inside the bowels of toke.c.

use perl5i::2;
use Data::Dumper::Simple;

filter_del can only delete in reverse order (currently) which is coming from inside toke.c

if (!PL_parser || !PL_rsfp_filters || AvFILLp(PL_rsfp_filters)<0)
/* if filter is on top of stack (usual case) just pop it off */
datasv = FILTER_DATA(AvFILLp(PL_rsfp_filters));
if (IoANY(datasv) == FPTR2DPTR(void *, funcp)) {

/* we need to search for the correct entry and clear it */
Perl_die(aTHX_ "filter_del can only delete in reverse order (currently)");

This appears to be a bad interaction between Devel::Declare and Filter::Simple.

package Foo;
use Filter::Simple sub { 1 };

# test.plx
use Method::Signatures;
use Foo;

Same error.

I'll report it to Devel::Declare and Filter::Simple.


It's already been reported.

I added a note.

@notbenh notbenh referenced this issue from a commit in notbenh/perl5i
ben hengst attempting to see if #181 is still an issue 0348deb

This appears to be resolved: notbenh@0348deb


I was thinking it would make sense to turn this into a test, but there's no reason to punish non Data::Dumper::Simple users should it fail again. We could make it a developer only test...

But looking at the original bug it looks like to prevent this kind of bug we should depend on the version of Devel::Declare with it fixed. I'll get that.

@schwern schwern closed this issue from a commit
@schwern schwern Upgrade our dependency on Devel::Declare to a safer version.
This avoids a conflict between perl5i and Data::Dumper::Simple and
probably more Devel::Declare modules.

Also filled in the change log for my previous commit.

Fixes #181
@schwern schwern closed this in 1b876c7
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