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$obj->mo->super() breaks inside a Try::Tiny block #201

nilsonsfj opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Well, there's not much to say here besides what's in the subject.

The error message I get is: "Can't locate object method "ANON" via package "My::Package" which seems to indicate that when walking up the call stack, it's getting fooled by something injected by Try::Tiny.

Running Perl 5.10.1, on Windows (Strawberry).

Sample (mostly real) code:

method process_message ($data) {
    try {
        given ( $data->{type} ) {
            when ("connect") {
                # ...
            when ("connect_ok") {
                # ...
            default {
                $self->mo->super( $data );
    catch {
        say "$self - Process Message Error: $_ [closing]";

Is this even fixable?


Well, maybe I wasn't clear, but the exception is thrown at the $self->mo->super( $data ) line.

If I don't use the "super" method (i.e. call the superclass method explicitly) it works. If I remove the try/catch blocks it also works.

So the problem is an interaction between Try::Tiny and perl5i. Also I guess GitHub mangled the original error message, turning the placeholder ANON into bold text.

Can't locate object method "__ANON__" via package "My::Package" at My/ line 62

Where line 62 is the line of the "super" call.

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