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Can we get ->mo->yaml and ->mo->json? #230

mscha opened this Issue · 2 comments

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mscha Michael G. Schwern ben hengst

Having to type
is way too annoying. And it wastes 16 bytes and a couple of seconds every time you use it.
Can we get
as a shortcut, just like we have
(Same thing for json, and any other formats (xml?) that might be added for dump.)

Michael G. Schwern schwern referenced this issue

Dump as XML? #231

Michael G. Schwern
ben hengst notbenh referenced this issue from a commit in notbenh/perl5i
ben hengst Adding the as_* methods as requested in #230
  - the test is calling ::2 directly rather then latest.
    I was unsure on the going convention for a version specific change
  - I am not using alias to build the aliases.
    It seemed a bit heavy handed so I am using the old-style delegation.
Michael G. Schwern

Now they just need to be documented in perl5i::Meta::Instance. Don't forget that perl is now a backwards compatibility method and as_perl is the real one.

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Michael G. Schwern schwern closed this in 4f01071
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