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daxim commented Mar 1, 2013

In http://www.modernperlbooks.com/mt/2009/07/fearpm.html, chromatic uses UNIVERSAL::ref in his boilerplate code. Figure out what this is good for and whether perl5i wants it.


schwern commented Mar 3, 2013

Anywhere you call ref($obj) on a Pirate object, it will allow Pirate to lie and pretend to be something else.

Why do we want that?


schwern commented Mar 20, 2013

Giving it another week for discussion to emerge now that its properly labeled. If there's no discussion by then, it can be closed.


notbenh commented Mar 21, 2013

Possibly @chromatic wants to chime in and give examples but I am not thinking of any cases where I would expect this in core. And the cases that I am thinking about where this could be used, would already be addressed by other perl5i-isms.


chromatic commented Mar 22, 2013

The useful case for me is where someone uses ref() instead of isa() or DOES(), but that's in the bucket of "How do you want to work around broken code?" and not the bucket of "How can I do more awesome things?"


notbenh commented Mar 22, 2013

Thanks for the comments @chromatic, do you feel that if we abstracted away the details for figuring out a 'what is this thing' that it would still be useful? See #42 for a few ideas of what we were thinking.

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