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Remove references to the defunct IRC channel and mailing list, add wiki and Twitter. #235

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The Google Group never took off. And AFAIK the IRC channel has been dead.

Remove references to them so the project doesn't look dead.

Put in references to the @perl5i Twitter feed and the Github wiki.

@schwern schwern referenced this issue

Issue/235 #236


The irc channel 'is not dead yet' I sit in there along with 3 or 4 others. Every once in a while people drop by with questions or ideas. It is definately low volume, but not quite dead.


Right now we are 7, excluding bots. schwern, you used to be on IRC. Why aren't you anymore?


Glad I did this through normal channels. I'll put the references to the IRC channels back.

@daxim IRC encourages a level of constant presence and attention that I'm not interested in giving any more. Even if I used something like screen to get a complete scrollback, the unstructured nature of the conversations means it's too much time and energy to sift through it all. Conversations are ephemeral, difficult to archive and search, and are difficult for people who are not dedicated to project to follow, so little of consequence can be accomplished on IRC that won't need to be mirrored on Github for all to see and participate in. And I personally don't enjoy it any more.

perl5i deliberately eschewed the traditional method of Perl communication, mailing lists, but Twitter and Github issues don't quite replace it. I've been investigating a replacement for mailing lists which I'll bring up in detail in another issue.


I've put the IRC channels back. Please review #236.


@daxim would you please review, and if acceptable, merge #236?

@schwern schwern closed this
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