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Turn off strict vars when writing a one-liner #63

schwern opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Writing one liners with perl5i is a little annoying because it wants me to predeclare all my variables. Strict is on. I think that's a little silly. If $0 is -e turn strict vars off. Leave the rest on.


The Devel-Delcare workaround in my master turns -e into a real program. We could add 'no strict' to the top of the generated script file solving this problem.


I think you probably want strict vars disabled for perl -Mperl5i::2 -e '$fun="yay"; say $fun;' too

@doherty doherty referenced this issue from a commit in doherty/perl5i
@doherty doherty No strict vars for one-liners
This disables strict vars for one-liners using the perl5i
executable, or when perl5i is loaded manually:
    perl -Mperl5i::latest -e '$fun="yay"; say $fun;'

Fixes #63

Fixed by #194

@schwern schwern closed this

I just couldn't read that list. But that used to be two commits, I'm not sure what I did to squash them :\

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