[NEEDS INPUT] building out the array transpose method as requested in #146 #242

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notbenh commented Mar 21, 2013

While I am not exactly sure why one would use this and if it really belongs in core, it was an fun bit of coding. Currently it always outputs a array of strings even if it was handed a 2d array. I am not sure if this is really what we want to happen here. Also if does not check to see if $fill character is a single character or not, should it? It seems that if you are altering the default then you know what you are doing, though again as I can not really conceive why this is useful I am failing to find a case where this would help.

schwern and others added some commits Jun 20, 2009

@schwern schwern Add IO::All but chop out the guessing about what it is. Only work with
files and leave everything else to be explicit.

Also add io->url() for opening URLs.
@schwern schwern Merge branch 'master' into io-all
ben hengst building out the array transpose method as requested in #146 50526bd

notbenh commented Mar 22, 2013

In talking with @schwern this should only take arrays of arrays OR arrays of strings. MIXED TYPES OR ANY OTHER REF => EXCEPTION!

[[1,2,3],[1,2,3]]->transpose; # [[1,1],[2,2],[3,3]]
['AA','BB','CC',]->transpose; # ['ABC','ABC']

Oh and make the option for transpose not positional rather make it take a hashref.


schwern commented Mar 22, 2013

And one more example...

    [["F", "O", "O"], "BAR", "BAZ"],
    [1, 2, 3]
    ["A", "B", "C"]

transposes to...

    [["F", "O", "O"], 1, "A"],
    ["BAR", 2, "B"],
    ["BAZ", 3, "C"]

Which is to say, in the 2D array case all the items are treated as atoms.


schwern commented Jun 10, 2013


ben hengst added some commits Jun 14, 2013

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