Preferred Workflow

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If you're new to git and Github, Help.GitHub is the place to start.

1. Add or find an issue covering what you want to do.

If you're looking for something to do, may we recommend...

  • Easy tasks are easy.
  • Gardening tasks are refactorings and other cleanups.
  • Docs tasks are for documentation.

2. Comment in the issue that you're working on it.

This is especially important if it's a refactoring that's going to touch a lot of files.

3. Do the work.

You can use our recommended workflow or your own.

Note that documentation can have a much simpler workflow, it's fine to edit stuff directly on Github and submit like that. Just try to reference the issue number in the commit message, like "this is for #123".

It's ok to do just part of the work. For example, if the issue is to "document and test" then you can just document it.

4. Issue a pull request.

Or email the patch to

5. Discuss any issues found with the patch.

6. A collaborator will merge the patch and close the issue.

If you feel things have stalled, feel free to say "ping" in a comment on the issue to wake us up.