Quickstart Guide For Windows

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The tool we recommend to install Perl on Windows and configure everything is Strawberry Perl. Its a distribution of Perl for Windows along with all the things you need to install CPAN modules like make and a C compiler.

Install Strawberry Perl

Go to http://strawberryperl.com/ and follow their directions for downloading and installing a stable version of Perl. It installs like a normal Windows program.

Open the CPAN shell

On Windows XP, in your Start Menu there will be a Strawberry Perl option. In a submenu of that should be an option for the CPAN client. Select that.

On Windows 7, in your Start Menu you can "Search Programs And Files" for CPAN client. Select that.

This will bring up a command line window with a CPAN prompt like cpan>. Type install perl5i and hit enter.

CPAN will download a bunch of index files and then install a lot of dependencies. It will be very verbose and will take 5-30 minutes depending on the speed of your internet and computer.

Its possible installing a dependency module might fail. If it does, we're sorry! Please contact us about it so we can help you out and see about getting it fixed.

Open a Perl command line

At this point you should have perl5i installed. To test it you need to open a command line with Perl.

On Windows XP, in your Start Menu under Strawberry Perl select Perl (command line).

On Windows 7, in your Start Menu search for Perl and select Perl (command line).

This will open up a command line with a prompt like C:\Users\yourname\Documents.

Test that perl5i works.

In the Perl command line you can run perl and test that perl5i works.

perl -e "use perl5i::2;  say 'Hello perl5i!'"

That should say Hello perl5i!. Congratulations!