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Wiki pages need to be moved from the old Google Code wiki to the new Github wiki. This is pretty straight forward.

  1. Copy a page from the old wiki to the new one.
  2. Convert the formatting from Google Code to Markdown.
  3. Find links to that page in the Github wiki which point to the Google Code wiki and change them to point at Github.
  4. Note at the top of the Google Code wiki page that it has been converted and link to the Github page.
  5. Mention here that you've converted a page.
  6. Have the conversion double checked.
  7. Have the old Google Code page deleted.

The conversion is mostly...

  • Convert the headers
    • =header= to #header
    • ==header== to ##header
    • ===header=== to ###header
  • Convert the links from [url text] to [text](url).
  • Format code blocks by removing {{{ and }}} and adding 4 spaces before each line.
  • Numbered lists are done as 1., 2., 3. and not with #.

Doesn't have to be perfect.

Do one or more and let us know on this ticket.



I moved over the Why Bother and Amazing Discoveries pages.


@m42a Thanks a lot! I checked them over, they look good, so I've deleted the old pages.

Did you have any trouble? Any additions to the conversion instructions?


It was pretty easy. The only things not in the instructions are to format code blocks by adding 4 spaces before each line, and the difference between headers and sub-headers (but there's header buttons, so that one's not a big deal).

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