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For (more) complete instructions please refer to
The installation procedure for the impatient and/or experts:
0) create configure in the source directory:
$ ./
1) create a directory for object files (you cannot build in the source directory):
$ mkdir ../build; cd ../build
2) configure the package:
$ ../src_dir/configure [--with-boost=$BOOST_ROOT]
Most often you will need to specify command-line options to configure.
To obtain a list of configure options run 'configure --help'.
then either choose path a or b:
3a) build the Libint compiler, then generate and compile a library:
$ make
4a) optional validation of the library:
$ make check
5a) install the compiled library:
$ make install
3b) build the Libint compiler, then generate and package a library for redistribution
$ make export
this produces a tarball with a Libint library that can be unpacked, configured, and compiled elsewhere.
Building the Python module
Configure libint (Step 2) with `--enable-eri2 --enable-eri3`, export (Step 3b), untar exported archive:
$ cd python
$ make
$ cd .. && make install
$ cd python
Run tests:
$ pip3 install numpy scipy wheel requests
$ make test
To install the python module:
$ make libint2-python-wheel
$ pip3 install dist/libint2-*.whl
To uninstall: pip3 uninstall libint2