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v7.2. Bump version to prevent gemcutter from picking up an ancient mirror.
v4.6.1. Allow snapshotting without running the GC first.
v4.5. Enable SET_CURRENT_SOURCE() for better reporting (tmm1, joedamato).
v4.4. Switch to Ruby 1.8.7p174.
v4.3. Build against OpenSSL 0.9.8j or later (kennethkalmer). Bugfixes (Pete Hodgson, joshuabates).
v4.2.1. Harden patch/build process. Fix bug.
v4.1.1. Update bundled Ruby to patchlevel 230.
v4.1. Support calculating deltas in analyze utility.
v4.0. Track spawn points live instead of sampling.
v3.7.1. Fix some nil issues with corrupted dumps (cody caughlan).
v3.7. Sample object contents. Restore Rails 1.2.x compatibility.
v3.6. Rails 2.0.2 compatibility.
v3.5.1. Update bundled Ruby to patchlevel 110.
v3.5. Explain when you need more frames. Use a cross-platform version of 'which'. Slight accuracy improvement.
v3.4. Clearer output descriptions; work around a Marshal bug on x64; fix for missing immortal leaks.
v3.3. Build Ruby in gem install step; bundle Ruby 1.8.6 source; fixes for truncated final frames.
v3.2. Use Ccsv for faster parsing.
v3.0.3. Caching; build task; impact factor.
v3.0.1. Rewrite. Remove Gruffs and graphs. Become a standard compiled extension. Walk the symbol table. Track object histories. Use custom CSV format instead of YAML.
v2.7. Version renumbering; apologies if this messes anyone up.
v2.6. RDoc documentation; use new Echoe setup; fix for namespaced controllers.
v2.5. Detect if core keys are present or not; fixes for analyzing non-Rails apps.
v2.4. Log heap usage; remove pure-Ruby profiler.
v2.3. Subtract Rails core counts from action counts and join paired frames.
v2.2. Change smoothing algorithm to be more intuitive and so mem usage is correct.
v2.1. Close file properly.
v2. C instrumentation with YAML output.
v1.3. Log memory usage on *nix.
v1.2. Fix nil directory traversal error on Windows.
v1.1. Gem version
v1. Dumped Rublique; replaced with a lightweight non-delta marshalling version.
v0. First version