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v2.7.11. Include Platform module for abstracting RUBY_PLATFORM regex checks (luislavena).

v2.7.10. Include RDoc options in generated gemspec (Rob McKinnon).

v2.7.9. Fix redefine task helper for new Rake.

v2.7.8. Better default test pattern.

v2.7.7. Don't use sudo on win32/cygwin (Kevin Williams).

v2.7.6. Better Echoe.silence behavior.

v2.7.5. Fix bug when MultiRails isn't installed; remove "test" from platform targets.

v2.7.4. Ensured teardown.rb just like setup.rb. Load multi_rails automatically if its available. ENV['VERBOSE'] obeyed for Echoe.silence.

v2.7.3. Put some handy things in lib/echoe/extensions.rb; use Rake::TestTask instead of screwing around in the shell. Automatically run test/setup.rb before the test task, if it exists.

v2.7.2. Don't try to verify the existence of the RDoc template. Fixes for the RCov task.

v2.7.1. Rcov changed to a weak dependency for JRuby.

v2.7.0. Add coverage task; change default test pattern; Rubygems compatibility and requirement. Cross-packaging hacks for same. Add rubygems_version accessor. Manifest alerts about removed files now as well as added. Allow targeting of every platform on RubyGems 0.9.5.

v2.6.4. Fix related issue.

v2.6.3. Fix issue with shared object paths in :compile task.

v2.6.2. Fix executable pattern bug; use a better default clean pattern.

v2.6. Unify pattern handling; changelog accessor, version accessor, expand paths of keys and certificates; support verbose (Rails-style) changelogs.

v2.5. Add some extension building tasks; adjust clean behavior; rdoc inclusions definitely depend on Manifest now; ruby_version accessor; ignore_pattern for skipping files during the manifest build; bugfixes.

v2.4.1. Manifest doesn't require itself (willcodeforwork).

v2.4. Sign gems automatically if ENV['GEM_PRIVATE_KEY'] is present; add certificate_chain and private_key accessors.

v2.3. Work around metadependencies issue by including gemspecs instead of Rakefiles by default; include_gemspec and include_rakefile accessors.

v2.2. Need_gem option; announce task.

v2.1. Adjust default RDoc include pattern; extra_deps now dependencies; rubyforge_name now project; support install messages; manifest instead of build_manifest.

v2. Support documentation hosts other than rubyforge; auto-load CHANGELOG contents; remove bin/echoe which doesn't work anyway. Incompatible changes.

v1.4. Auto-detect readme file; make rdoc default pattern compatible with manifest generator; fix publish_docs task.

v1.3. Avoid rubyforge gem multi-activation conflict.

v1.2. build_manifest Rake task.

v1.1. Sane error messages on releasing new or duplicate gems; allow Manifest to not end in .txt.

v1.0. Fork from Hoe.
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