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A super-clean IRC bot with sandboxed Ruby evaluation, repository watching, and link-logging to

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A super-clean IRC bot.


No replacement.


Copyright 2007, 2008 Cloudburst, LLC. Licensed under the AFL 3. See the included LICENSE file.

The public certificate for the gem is here.

If you use this software, please make a donation, or recommend Evan at Working with Rails.


  • irb-like interface

  • safe, sandboxed Ruby environment

  • svn and git-atom commit watching

  • silent link saving

  • tolerable channel fault recovery

Kirby is considered feature-locked.


sudo gem install kirby


To start a basic Kirby from the command line:

cd working/directory
kirby mynick mychannel [delicious_user] [delicious_pass] [--options]

Logs and repository histories get saved to the working directory.

Available post-parameters are:




Never speak, even for errors.


Log channel chatter to a file.


Debug mode.

See the Kirby class for in-channel commands.

Crontab example

You can use a crontask to keep Kirby alive at all times. For example:

* * * * * bash -c 'cd /working/directory; kirby mynick mychannel \
--daemon --log --silent &> /dev/null'

Reporting problems

The support forum is here.

Patches and contributions are very welcome. Please note that contributors are required to assign copyright for their additions to Cloudburst, LLC.

Further resources

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