Rack parse_multipart problems using Ramaze and Mongrel #24

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I submitted this issue first to Rack, was redirected to Ramaze, now I'm submitting here it because I only see the issue when using Ramaze + Rack + Mongrel and not with webrick.

Basically when running Ramaze in :live mode (which doesn't use Rack::Lint), attachments in multipart data get parsed over and over and this creates numerous temporary files and sometimes returns the wrong filename in the Ramaze controller. If Ramaze is run in :dev mode (Rack::Lint enabled), everything works as expected. This appears to only be the case when using Ramaze with Mongrel and not with other webservers (at least not webrick).

Ubuntu 10.10
Ruby 1.9.2p0
Mongrel 1.2.0pre2
Rack 1.2.1
Ramaze 2011.01.30 + Innate 2011.01

Please see the Ramaze issue for full description, history, and a test case:

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