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== Available Rake tasks
These Rake tasks are made available to your Rails app:
<tt>ultrasphinx:configure</tt>:: Rebuild the configuration file for this particular environment.
<tt>ultrasphinx:index</tt>:: Reindex and rotate all indexes.
<tt>ultrasphinx:index:delta</tt>:: Reindex and rotate the delta index.
<tt>ultrasphinx:index:main</tt>:: Reindex and rotate the main index.
<tt>ultrasphinx:index:merge</tt>:: Merge the delta index into the main index.
<tt>ultrasphinx:daemon:restart</tt>:: Restart the search daemon.
<tt>ultrasphinx:daemon:start</tt>:: Start the search daemon.
<tt>ultrasphinx:daemon:stop</tt>:: Stop the search daemon.
<tt>ultrasphinx:daemon:status</tt>:: Check if the search daemon is running.
<tt>ultrasphinx:spelling:build</tt>:: Rebuild the custom spelling dictionary. You may need to use <tt>sudo</tt> if your Aspell folder is not writable by the app user.
<tt>ultrasphinx:bootstrap</tt>:: Bootstrap a full Sphinx environment by running configure, index, then daemon:start.
All tasks have shortcuts. Use <tt>us:conf</tt>, <tt>us:index</tt>, <tt>us:main</tt>, <tt>us:delta</tt>, <tt>us:merge</tt>, <tt>us:restart</tt>, <tt>us:start</tt>, <tt>us:stop</tt>, <tt>us:stat</tt>, <tt>us:spell</tt>, and <tt>us:boot</tt>.