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Add merge rake task; add test and documentation for same; DRY up some…

… other rake configuration.
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commit 57c72ac80dd2ab665db1d4a1f7fb28a958d37c34 1 parent 1060cd1
@evan authored
@@ -1,4 +1,6 @@
+v1.9.1. Add ultrasphinx:index:merge task for index merging, and a note in DEPLOYMENT_NOTES about how to use it.
v1.9. Delta indexing. ERb now supported in .base files. Allow setting the searched indexes at runtime.
v1.8.1. Use multifind/multiget for record loading; avoid using HashWithIndifferentAccess internally for speed; other minor performance improvements.
@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@ It's easy to keep the search daemon and the indexer running in a production envi
The first line reindexes the delta index every 10 minutes. The second line reindexes the main index once a day at 4am. The third line will try to restart the search daemon every three minutes. If it's already running, nothing happens.
+Note that you can use <tt>ultrasphinx:index:merge</tt> in place of <tt>ultrasphinx:index:main</tt>. It will be faster, but will not remove deleted records from the index.
Of course if you don't have any models with deltas, don't include the <tt>ultrasphinx:index:delta</tt> task.
If you are under severe memory limitations you might want to manage the daemon with Monit instead, so you can keep a closer eye on it. The search daemon is extremely reliable, so don't bother with fancy monitoring infrastructure unless you're sure you need it.
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ These Rake tasks are made available to your Rails app:
<tt>ultrasphinx:index</tt>:: Reindex and rotate all indexes.
<tt>ultrasphinx:index:delta</tt>:: Reindex and rotate the delta index.
<tt>ultrasphinx:index:main</tt>:: Reindex and rotate the main index.
+<tt>ultrasphinx:index:merge</tt>:: Merge the delta index into the main index.
<tt>ultrasphinx:daemon:restart</tt>:: Restart the search daemon.
<tt>ultrasphinx:daemon:start</tt>:: Start the search daemon.
<tt>ultrasphinx:daemon:stop</tt>:: Stop the search daemon.
@@ -14,4 +15,4 @@ These Rake tasks are made available to your Rails app:
<tt>ultrasphinx:spelling:build</tt>:: Rebuild the custom spelling dictionary. You may need to use <tt>sudo</tt> if your Aspell folder is not writable by the app user.
<tt>ultrasphinx:bootstrap</tt>:: Bootstrap a full Sphinx environment by running configure, index, then daemon:start.
-All tasks have shortcuts. Use <tt>us:conf</tt>, <tt>us:index</tt>, <tt>us:main</tt>, <tt>us:delta</tt>, <tt>us:restart</tt>, <tt>us:start</tt>, <tt>us:stop</tt>, <tt>us:stat</tt>, <tt>us:spell</tt>, and <tt>us:boot</tt>.
+All tasks have shortcuts. Use <tt>us:conf</tt>, <tt>us:index</tt>, <tt>us:main</tt>, <tt>us:delta</tt>, <tt>us:merge</tt>, <tt>us:restart</tt>, <tt>us:start</tt>, <tt>us:stop</tt>, <tt>us:stat</tt>, <tt>us:spell</tt>, and <tt>us:boot</tt>.
54 tasks/ultrasphinx.rake
@@ -31,6 +31,11 @@ namespace :ultrasphinx do
+ desc "Merge the delta index into the main index."
+ task :merge => [:_environment] do
+ ultrasphinx_merge
+ end
desc "Reindex and rotate all indexes."
@@ -121,6 +126,7 @@ namespace :us do
task :in => ["ultrasphinx:index"]
task :main => ["ultrasphinx:index:main"]
task :delta => ["ultrasphinx:index:delta"]
+ task :merge => ["ultrasphinx:index:merge"]
task :spell => ["ultrasphinx:spelling:build"]
task :conf => ["ultrasphinx:configure"]
task :boot => ["ultrasphinx:bootstrap"]
@@ -144,8 +150,7 @@ end
def ultrasphinx_index(index)
rotate = ultrasphinx_daemon_running?
- index_path = Ultrasphinx::INDEX_SETTINGS['path']
- mkdir_p index_path unless index_path
+ ultrasphinx_create_index_path
cmd = "indexer --config '#{Ultrasphinx::CONF_PATH}'"
cmd << " #{ENV['OPTS']} " if ENV['OPTS']
@@ -154,16 +159,43 @@ def ultrasphinx_index(index)
say "$ #{cmd}"
system cmd
+ ultrasphinx_check_rotate if rotate
+def ultrasphinx_merge
+ rotate = ultrasphinx_daemon_running?
+ indexes = [Ultrasphinx::MAIN_INDEX, Ultrasphinx::DELTA_INDEX]
+ indexes.each do |index|
+ raise "#{index} index is missing" unless File.exist? "#{Ultrasphinx::INDEX_SETTINGS['path']}/sphinx_index_#{index}.spa"
+ end
+ cmd = "indexer --config '#{Ultrasphinx::CONF_PATH}'"
+ cmd << " #{ENV['OPTS']} " if ENV['OPTS']
+ cmd << " --rotate" if rotate
+ cmd << " --merge #{indexes.join(' ')}"
+ say "$ #{cmd}"
+ system cmd
- if rotate
- sleep(4)
- failed = Dir[index_path + "/*.new.*"]
- if failed.any?
- say "warning; index failed to rotate! Deleting new indexes"
- failed.each {|f| File.delete f }
- else
- say "index rotated ok"
- end
+ ultrasphinx_check_rotate
+def ultrasphinx_check_rotate
+ sleep(4)
+ failed = Dir[Ultrasphinx::INDEX_SETTINGS['path'] + "/*.new.*"]
+ if failed.any?
+ say "warning; index failed to rotate! Deleting new indexes"
+ failed.each {|f| File.delete f }
+ else
+ say "index rotated ok"
+ end
+def ultrasphinx_create_index_path
+ unless Ultrasphinx::INDEX_SETTINGS['path']
+ mkdir_p Ultrasphinx::INDEX_SETTINGS['path']
13 test/integration/delta_test.rb
@@ -36,4 +36,17 @@ def test_delta_update
assert_equal @count,
+ def test_merge
+ Dir.chdir "#{HERE}/integration/app" do
+ Echoe.silence do
+ system("rake ultrasphinx:daemon:start")
+ end
+ output = `rake ultrasphinx:index:merge 2>&1`
+ assert_match /merged 0.1 Kwords/, output
+ assert_match /Index rotated ok/, output
+ end
+ end
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