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Basic Todo list example, written with FRP in Elm
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TodoFRP – live demo

This basic todo list demonstrates how FRP and Elm can make writing traditional web apps easier. Currently it is quite simple, but that makes it a nice resource for learning more about making "traditional webapps" with Elm.

Build Locally

After installing the Elm compiler, follow these steps:

git clone
cd TodoFRP/src/
elm --make Todo.elm

Then open build/Todo.html in your browser.

If you want to be fancier, you can run elm-server in the src/ directory. Then navigate to localhost:8000/Todo.elm. The project will be recompiled whenever you refresh that page in your browser.

Project Layout

All of the code for this project lives in the src/ directory.

  • Model.elm: Representation of the todo list application.
  • Update.elm: Describes how to update the todo list based on user's actions.
  • Inputs.elm: Describe the UI input elements and the actions the user's actions.
  • Display.elm: How to display our model and inputs on screen.
  • Todo.elm: Bring together the model, update, inputs, and display to create the todo list.
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