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Syntax Highlighting for Elm in Sublime Text
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Elm Syntax Highlighting

Just add syntax highlighting for Elm.

Install Instructions

Recommended Workflow

I do all of my Elm development with Terminal and Sublime Text open next to each other like this:

Recommended Workflow

I mostly focus on the code in Sublime Text.

When I am curious if things work, I switch to Terminal and run something like elm make src/Main.elm to see if I get any errors.

Then I switch back to Sublime Text and use Ctrl-t (or Cmd-t on Mac) to navigate to the relevant files and make any fixes.

Workflow Benefits

The recommended workflow has some underappreciated benefits:

  1. Fast - Never wait for a slow editor. No background tasks eating RAM and CPU.
  2. Flexibile - Some projects needs more than an elm make call. I can switch to elm reactor or a custom ./ script and keep essentially the same workflow.
  3. Robust - Not much can go wrong here, so I never spend time messing with integrations. Changes in elm, elm-test, or elm-format are only a concern in the terminal.

I really love this balance! It has that particular character of focused designs.

That said, I know some people want a bit more, so I made elm-format-on-save as well. It may be worth setting this up once you have been happily using Elm for a while and become curious what it might be like to use Elm at work.

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