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Install on Linux

Editor plugins in Sublime Text are managed with a project called Package Control.

If you just installed Sublime Text, you will need to install Package Control first.

If you have been using Sublime Text for a while, you may be able to skip to step two.

1. Install Package Control

Open Sublime Text and go to Tools > Install Package Control...

Install Package Control

Click on that! Next you should see a dialog box like this:

Package Control Dialog

Click OK. Now you have Package Control available!

Note: If you cannot find Tools > Install Package Control..., it may be installed already. Try moving on to step two!

2. Install elm-syntax-highlighting with Package Control

With Sublime Text open, go to Preferences > Package Control

Open Package Control

Click on that, and select Install Package from the list of options:

Select Install Package

Type in Elm Syntax Highlighting and select the package that comes up:

Find Elm Syntax Highlighting

3. Restart Sublime Text

Once you have Elm Syntax Highlighting installed, restart Sublime Text.

After restarting, files like src/Main.elm should have syntax highlighting!

Note: Be sure to ask in a community forum if you are having trouble getting this set up!