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module Main where
import Graphics.WebGL (..)
import Keyboard
import Mouse
import Window
import Model
import Update
import Display
-- Pointer Lock information
port movement : Signal (Int,Int)
port isLocked : Signal Bool
-- Set up 3D world
inputs : Signal Model.Inputs
inputs =
let dt = lift (\t -> t/500) (fps 60)
in merge (sampleOn dt <| lift3 Model.TimeDelta Keyboard.wasd dt)
(Model.Mouse <~ movement)
person : Signal Model.Person
person = foldp Update.step Model.defaultPerson inputs
main : Signal Element
main =
let texture = loadTexture "resources/woodCrate.jpg"
in lift4 Display.scene Window.dimensions isLocked texture person
-- Ability to request and exit. Click screen to request lock. Press escape to
-- give up the lock. This code can all be removed if you want to do this
-- differently.
port requestPointerLock : Signal ()
port requestPointerLock =
dropWhen (lift2 (&&) Keyboard.shift isLocked) () Mouse.clicks
port exitPointerLock : Signal ()
port exitPointerLock =
always () <~ keepIf (any (\x -> x == 27)) [] Keyboard.keysDown
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