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Purpose of this project:
    This library will allow you to quickly design a controller on the iphone or ipad, which will be able to control a game on a different ipad or iphone. This will make any iPad games with a multi player experience much nicer, as you will be able to have one central/shared board (say, an iPad for example) and each player with get their own controller (iPod/iPhones). 
    This could also be used to allow the ipad/iphone running the game to be across the room plugged into the tv or projector, while the user sits on the couch with a different iphone/ipod/ipad controlling the game.   

    As of right now, the library supports:
        - multiple simultaneous controller connections
        - any number of joysticks per player
        - any number of buttons per player
            - each button press sends a state which identifies when the button is pressed down, and then again when the button is released
        - sending of any arbitrary NSData object, which will be marked with an identifier in order to ensure to can be
            correctly identified and handled once the game receives it
        - sending of a vibrate command to the controllers (for example, in the event that player 1 shot player 2, the game could command player 2's controller to vibrate. 

    before you can use this library in your project you MUST add the frameworks GameKit and AudioToolbox to the project.  
    GameKit is used for assistance with connection and data transfer. 
    AudioToolbox is used to allow for the vibration commands to function

How To:
   use sharedManager: to get the singleton instance of the BTCManager
   call one of the two available configureManagerAs**** methods in order to configure your game or controller. 
        each of those methods comes with a block which MUST be handled in order for a connection to be established
   you must then call startSession for both the controller and the game. 

keep in mind, you need to create a controller to send the commands, and a server to receive the commands.  You can wrap this all into a single universal app if you would like.  However, i would recommend making a dedicated controller app. 

the BTCManager.h file is fairly well documented.  Please refer to that, and the example projects. There is an example project for the controller, and the game.  Both must be used. 
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