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; Plugins
; === Plugins Installed By () === - ++++++++++ Addons zz {} +++++++++
; === Addons zz () === ++++++++++++ {} +++++++++++
; To disable a plug put the (;) semi-colon in front of him.
; To activate a plugin remove the (;) semi-colon in front of him.
; Please, use a mono-spaced font as 'Consolas', 'Courier New', etc, to view this file right/properly:
// To get commands use "amx_setmod help 1" or "amx_help" for more options/information.
multimod_manager.amxx ; Responsible for managing the mods, superheros, predator... Activations/Deactivations.
addons_zz_menus.amxx ; Create this menus at amxmodmenu: amx_msgmenu, amx_stmenu, amx_cmdsndmenu, amx_restartmenu.
addons_zz_info.amxx ; Displays help/info message when a player enters the server. Load your configs files.
// Standards Plugins for Addons (***)
;adminlisten.amxx ; Allows administrators (with flag "n") to see all team chats, and dead chats.
;advanced_tracers.amxx ; Displays trace bullets
;aimbotdetect_14beta2.amxx ; This plugin detects aimbots by using an invisible detection bot to simulate an enemy.
;armoury_manager.amxx ; "am_enable" Enables the Armoury Manager. Weapons cannot be picked up until "am_disable" is used.
amx_exec.amxx ; Runs commands on the clients, necessary for various things in addons. amx_execall "say hey"
;amxx_podbotmenu.amxx ; The menu is amxx PODBot mm V3. amx_pbmenu - invokes the main menu
;autounstuck.amxx ; Automaticly unstucks players when it detects its stuck.
;autorr.amxx ; Series of commands that manages the teams and the game at the Auto-Restart menu. say /hudoff | say /hudon
remove_admins.amxx ; amx_removeadmin "STEAMID (or part of their username)"
BadSpawnsPreventer.amxx ; If when you get respawned on bad spawn-point, one of you gotta be killed, this plugin prevents this.
;bunnyhop.amxx ; Hold the jump button and jump without stopping
c4timer_rnd.amxx ; Use the round timer to display the time c4
c4timer_spr.amxx ; C4 count down is Showed with a sprite just above the c4 entity.
cs_war.amxx ; In weapons war round, all players will use the same weapon. Just "say /ww" or "say /wvote" in you chat.
chat_logger.amxx ; it log chat messages of: say, say_team, amx_say, ...
galileo.amxx ; Is a feature rich map voting plugin. It's Intended to be used in place of any other map choosing plugin
;fireworks.amxx ; Provides relatively lagless Voogru style fireworks, along with adding tons of customability and lagless features.
;GoldenWeapons.amxx ; Adds a new weapon to CS, that have new features, say /goldmenu
GHW_connect.amxx ; Announces the arrival of a new player showing your NAME, IP and PAIS where you live.
;grentrail.amxx ; It shows the path of grenades, with a colorful trail
;head_shot_announcer.amxx; ; Head Shot with voice Silvo Santos, obs, disable stats, headshotsound
;hostage_events.amxx ; It shows what happens to the hostages, for messages.
killer_view.amxx ; Allow players see themselves dying from killer's.
;knifekill_announcer.amxx ; New sound of knife death, Orra my puuuuuuuuuuuuu spleen !!!!!!
knifes_only.amxx ; Everyone knife, go to Server Commands menu to activate.
;lastmanbets.amxx ; Plugin bets when left over 1x1
;multijump.amxx ; This plugin will allow you to jump in the air a defined number of times.
;multimod_daily_changer.amxx ; Mapcycle of the day, every day of the week is a different mapcycle change at "mapcycles", at cstrike folder.
;pain_shock_free.amxx ; When a player is hit he slows down a bit because of the pain shock
parachute4ever.amxx ; Free parachute to everyone.
;missing_precacher.amxx ; Precache Missing Maps files. (Enable the `kve.amxx` at the end of the page)
;realnadedrops.amxx ; When someone dies, their shells are on the floor
resetscore.amxx ; Players can reset their score and money (controled by a cvar)
;rewards.amxx ; One of 20 life reward for those who's a headshot.
;scu_unlimited_money.amxx; ; Increase the limit of money to 2,147,483,583, including mp_startmoney.
show_server_info.amxx ; To print on the server console the current and next map names.
server_rules.amxx ; Active command menu of the players from server, amx_menu on the island.
;sillyc4.amxx ; It allows plant the C4 on the wall and move when she is planting
;speclist.amxx ; It shows people are watching you play
;UnPrecacher.amxx ; Unprecache all files that don't cause any problems.
;voteban1_2.amxx ; Fits ban when admin is not in the server (say / voteban), to ban.
// (To activate this plugin should enable these two plugins). Amx Super, allows
// Various commands, and events in the game. As connect_sound, give life to a player, ...
// Use the menu, say /supermenu.Obs Some commands can not be on the menu.
// Show who enters the game, NAME THAT WHO CAME, and the RANK.
// Music while opening the server
// Transfer the pump to another player if stand still but 15 seconds.
// Indicates damage on the enemy, instantly on the spot
// There is a variable what engine uses to determine how accurate comparing to crosshair position
// the bullet is heading, but it's calculated after (the first weapon shot) the position where it
// needs to be... And that's why we are having this glitch.
// The path is straight. Type the command (terminate_round) in the server console to know how to use.
// Simple and efficient way to force a round to end. Not kill players.
// Lets adim with a different outfit from another player, obs, do not use with amx gore ultimate gore or plug,
// or any type gore, because of serious errors that occur with the use of both
// Countdown to the execution of a command, ex1: (amx_countdown <seconds> <"cmd"> )
// amx_countdown 50 "amx_execall kill"; amx_countdown "TIME" "COMMAND" "PLAYER NAME"
// 1 - Plugin Mortal Combat Misc Stats, require the activation of two and disabling, (2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th)
;mk_statscfg.amxx ; Only must be enabled to mk_miscstats.amxx plugin
;mk_miscstats.amxx ; Mortal Combat Misc stats, coolest sounds in cs, multi-kill, killing-spree, ...
// 2 - Plugin Killing Spreak Advanced Sounds, require three of the activation and deactivation, (1st 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th)
;adv_miscstats.amxx ; Advanced Miscstats, mega-kill, ludicrus-kill, ...
;adv_killstreak.amxx ; Advanced Miscstats, multi-kill, killing-spree, ...
;statscfg.amxx ; It allows to manage stats for amxmodmenu, command menu amxmodx
// 3 - Plugin Misc Stats, standard sound addons require the activation of two and disabling, (1st 2nd 4th 5th 6th 7th)
;miscstats.amxx; ; Announcements of events in Counter-Strike, Mult-kill, Ultra-kill, etc ...
;statscfg.amxx; ; It allows to manage stats for amxmodmenu, command menu amxmodx
// 4 - Plugin Ultimate Killing Spreak Ultimate Sounds, require three of the activation and deactivation (1st 2nd 3rd 5th 6th 7th)
;ut_killstreak.amxx ; Sounds Ultimate, mega-kill, ludicrus-kill, ...
;ut_miscstats.amxx ; Miscstats Ultimate, multi-kill, killing-spree, ...
;ut_statscfg.amxx ; It allows to manage stats for amxmodmenu, command menu amxmodx
// 5 - Quake Sounds, require disabling, (1st 2nd 3rd 4th 6th 7th)
;quakesounds.amxx ; Quake sounds in cs, Spree killing, ct win, win three, etc ...
;statscfg.amxx; ; It allows to manage stats for amxmodmenu, command menu amxmodx
// 6 - Ultimate Female Sounds require the activation of two and disabling, (1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th)
;ultimate_sounds_female.amxx ; Ultimate Sounds Felame woman sounds, multi-kill, headshot, etc ...
;statscfg.amxx ; It allows to manage stats for amxmodmenu, command menu amxmodx
// 7 - Quake Sounds, require disabling, (1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th)
adv_QuakeSounds.amxx; ; Quake sounds in cs, Spree killing, ct win, win three, etc ...
statscfg.amxx ; It allows to manage stats for amxmodmenu, command menu amxmodx
// ATAC Plugins, serve to punish those who attacked the team itself.
// Atac.amxx activation need and punishments and settings in the list below.
// For atac_chicken.amxx work, whether to enable amx_chicken.amxx plugin, the list (Plugins About Counter-Strike).
;atac_slap.amxx ; Slaps the killer around a bit
;atac_slap2one.amxx ; Slaps the killer to 1 HP
;atac_slay.amxx ; Slays the killer instantly
;atac_spawnslay.amxx ; Slays killer on next respawn
;atac_jail.amxx ; Sends the killer into the area jailed on a map
;atac_bury.amxx ; Buries killer
;atac_glow.amxx ; Killer glows
;atac_bomb.amxx ; Turns killer into the bomb oO
;atac_blind.amxx ; Blinds killer until death or until round ends
;atac_rocket.amxx ; The killer turns into a human rocket
;atac_drop.amxx ; Picks up and drops the killer Them
;atac_fire.amxx ; The killer turns into a human fireball
;atac_drug.amxx ; Killer's vision passe obscure
;atac_badaim.amxx ; Gives killer bad aiming
;atac_hudmsg.amxx ; Displays HVAC Hudmessages
;atac_ta.amxx ; Team Attacks Addon
;atac_cmds.amxx ; Creates commands punishments for using atac_ prefix
;atac_amxbans.amxx ; AMXBans Support
;atac_chicken.amxx ; Turns killer into a Chicken, ChickenMod must be installed!
// Others ones
;complaints.amxx ; It will save the "complaints.txt" file on the logs folder, to use complain just enter on say /complain
ad_manager.amxx ; Displays messages during the game
;adminspeed.amxx ; With this plugin , the admin can set Players's running speed.
;advanced_slowmo.amxx; ;Ever want Those awesome HLTV effects in realtime?
;afkkicker.amxx ; Kicks the Afks, who gets stopped.
;amx_chicken.amxx ; It lets you turn players into chickens, (say / chickenmenu), or go to amxmodmenu.
;amx_plant_bonus.amxx ; Of a cash bonus, who plant the C4
;amxmod_compat.amxx; ; Must enable to use plugins that end in (.amx) or old
;anti_noob.amxx ; This plugin will kick / ban / redirect noobs, ... set in amxx.cfg
;allow_roundfinish.amxx ; When the time for the exchange of map end, the map will be changed when the round end
;autolang.amxx ; Detect the client's location by looking at his IP and will set automatically his language
;backweapons.amxx ; The primary weapon appears on the back when other weapon is being used
;bad_camper.amxx ; Camping is a strategy, no doubt about it, its best done in moderation. Thats why Bad Camper exists.
;bombSite_Radar.amxx ; See where are the places of planting the bomb
;c4timer.amxx; ; It indicates the explosion time of c4 with a hugmessage
;camp_disarm.amxx ; If a person camps and They have a "sniper" rifle of any sort it disarms Them
;country_info.amxx ; Displays where the player lives, chat, and shows where bots live.
;countrykick.amxx ; Kikk other nationalities players, set in server.cfg in the cstrike folder.
;countrywelcome.amxx ; It displays the name of the player and that parents who enters the server.
;cssurfboards.amxx ; Adds a surfboard, (amx_createnpc).
;dead_name_change.amxx; ; The dead can change nick, name
;enemy_down.amxx ; Send a message when u or your friend kill an enemy
;fragcounter.amxx ; Displays Shopping icon below the number of frags you did during the round.
;enemyradar.amxx ; Send Enemy spotted, I found the enemy, and others when someone finds an enemy.
;flashbang_dlight.amxx ; The light flash over, and release a white light for whom it was not blinded.
;follow_wounded.amxx ; People under 20 living leaves blood paid
;glow_damage.amxx; ; When someone loses life he shines
;headshot_deluxe.amxx ; It displays a small statistical HUD message When You make the HS.
;high_ping_kicker.amxx ; Ping kick high (default 300 or set in (server.cfg) in cstrike folder.
;hostage_down.amxx ; Send a message, hostage down when someone kills a hostage to the CTS
;Ispy.amxx ; Be 007, after killing multiple enemies, you come out at the beginning of a round in the enemy's base.
;Jedi_grab.amxx ; Lets move right boxes, and other players. (Bind key + grab) to move.
;knife_duel.amxx ; Starts a vote on knife duel when you scratch him three times on the floor
;multimod_mapchooser.amxx ; TO ENABLE, DISABLE galileo_reloaded.amxx - Its lets vote to choose the next map, when left over 2 minutes.
;lasers.amxx ; Laser sight on the gun
;moforates.amxx ; Make improvements in the server rate, helping to improve the fps, and lower the ping
;no_fall_damage.amxx ; This plugin simply allows you to control whether or not there is damage from falling to the ground.
;no_retry.amxx ; Avoid using retry and reconect
;no_team_flash.amxx ; The flash does not blind the own team
;objectives_please.amxx ; Warns to fulfill the purpose of the map if it takes being done
;open_jail.amxx ; Opens the cage of surf maps (open_jail)
;paintball.amxx ; Shots colorful, where are agreed are colored
;player_wanted.amxx ; Who is the top score of times and sought next round
;parachute.amxx ; IAllow to buy parachutes.
;public_rules.amxx ; Displays a menu with the rules of the server (say / rules), on the island. Edit in Regras.txt in configs folder.
;rain_events.amxx ; With this plugin enabled, the server continuously raining and fog in Which to hide is missing
;rainysnowy.amxx ; Puts a light rain and mist on maps
;slaylosers.amxx ; If terrorists or CTs do not meet the purpose of the map, who lost automatically dies
;spect_kick.amxx ; If the viewer does not get in a team it is kicked
;surf_olympics.amxx ; Plugin to measure speed and other, ideal for maps surf
;usurf.amxx ; It provides help and other things to surf maps.
;teammoney.amxx ; The money earned during the round, and also shared with the team
;vip_events.amxx ; It shows what happens to the VIP, for messages.
;walljump.amxx ; It lets jump on the walls.
;weapon_icon.amxx ; Gun icon
// Projectors, use only one of them, to use another one will cover another and overloading the server to no avail.
// Any of them will stop other displays (HUD), as rules, some stats, etc ...
;statsprojector.amxx ; Displays the date, time, next map, the current map, remaining time, his rank, his ping, frags and deaths.
;statsprojector_2.amxx ; Displays the date, time, next map, the current map, remaining time, his rank, his ping, frags, deaths and her Nick.
;dataprojector.amxx ; Displays the date, time, current map, next map and the remaining time.
;timeprojector.amxx ; Displays the remaining time and the next map.
;timer.amxx ; It displays the remaining time, next map and the FPS Server.
;rankprojector.amxx ; Displays your rank, ping, frags, deaths and her Nick.
// Cs mp3 music menu of editing in configs, playlist, (say / mp3)
// Open the menu, note: this plugin can stop the music when you enter the game if pose
// Fix this by reinstalling it, or reinstalling addons, which contains the original
// If u want some auto run commands When we reach the event, just put commands in count_vault.ini
// with in front of it for example, 1* Amx_count_date 20050101, 2* Amx_count_msg "happy new year !!!"
//(Pd_sound "ha ha" "misc / haha.wav") So if a player says "ha ha"
// Haha.wav the sound file is played for all players. Set
// In: cstrike / amxmodx / configs / sounds.cfg
// Restrict command as autobuy, rebuy, etc ... (To activate this plugin is due
// Enable these two plugins). To restrict commands go in the folder (configs) in the file
// (Restrictcommands.cfg), or use the menu in the game. (Amxmodmenu, and go to the last page)
// This plugin will allow you to give reward or bonus easily. The 'c_24.sma', file show how using the CS Core API
// Just say /core in your chat. Yet, this command only available for player that has specific flag.
;cs_reward.amxx ; c_24.amxx Requirement.
// They bellow here, have some Bug (¢¢¢)
;pdm.amxx ; Leave a part of their money fall to the ground, when you die, if someone catch, you lose part of it
;GHW_Weap_Pickup.amxx ; It allows you to have an unlimited number of weapons, but has errors, bugs
// LIMITATION OF 128 MAPS AT SERVER FOLDER! With AMX Map Handler you just put the maps into your server
// and donthave to worry about editing mapcycle.txt or maps.ini, since this is done automatically.
// Plant a fake c4 and can blow it, to plant and after blasting create a bind (bind "His" "key amx_fakec4")
// Leave mute the handset of the players who are speaking into the microphone,
// Amx_mute NAME OF SPEAKING, amx_unmute to turn the face of the microphone
// When the server is empty about 5 or 10 minutes, the current map and exchanged
// To some popular map like de_dust2, de_inferno.
// Say / previousmap // Displays the previous map played (before the current one).
// Say / previousmap_list // Displays the last 10 maps played including time of change.
// Clan times mixed. amx_clanvsall "THE CLAN Tag" All the clan must be tagged
// "TIME THAT WILL PLAY CLAN, CT or T," amx_unclanvsall to disable.
// Explode who dies, jumps head, arms, etc., much blood,
// Use with (plugin_gore.amxx) and (amx_adminmodel.amxx)
// Enables songs from running on your PC or radio on the Internet, specify this in
//mediafiles.ini in configs (Note the music on your machine will not be heard in machines
// The other, but a radio on the net yes), obs: this plugin can stop the music
// When entering the game pose to fix this by reinstalling it, or reinstalling addons,
// That contains the original
// With this plugin on your server, the deagle has other skin and shakes When attack. Also,
// at a headshot kill with the red thunder appears on the left of the screen and random effect
// sre apply to victim. If a player makes x headshot kills with (cvar), the lighting is dark map
// for x seconds and the hudmessage with name: Deagle Warrior appears on the left of the
// screen (cvar). Some effects with deagle, obs bug: cs can do the crash out of nowhere, one time or another.
// This plugin can serve other plugins by working as an engine to inform plugins of KeyValue changes to
// an entity. It can highly compress the amount of code for a plugin and can serve multiple plugins. If
// this plugin needs to be added for another plugin's functionality, this plugin should be added at the
// end of plugins.ini.