Introspects AngularJS modules for its components and their service dependencies
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Introspects AngularJS modules for its components and their dependencies.

The ngModelIntrospector library is primarily created for the ngImprovedTesting library.
Currently ngModelIntrospector only allows retrieving a specific:

  • provider component declaration: the declaration of a service, a filter, a controller, a directive or an animation.
  • provider declaration: the declaration of any AngularJS provider like $provide, $filter provider, $q provider etc.

The ngModuleIntrospector library declare a single AngularJS module called "ngModuleIntrospector". This AngularJS module consists of only one service and one type:

  • moduleIntrospector factory method: returns an instance of the ModuleIntrospector type for the provided array of modules just like with angular.mock.module; a module can be either a module name, a module configuration function of an object literal with service instances
    An optional second argument called "includeNgMock" (with a default value of false) allows specifying if components registered by "ngMock" should be included or not.
  • ModuleIntrospector type: consists of only two public methods:
    • getProviderComponentDeclarations: returns the component declarations of a provider with same name as the component name argument.
      This method can be used for both built-in (ng module) components as well a custom ones.
      I.e. invoking .getProviderComponentDeclarations('$provide', '$document') will return:

          providerMethod: 'provider',
          componentName: '$document',
          rawDeclaration: ['$window', function (window) { ... }],
          strippedDeclaration: function (window) { ... },
          injectedServices: ['$window'],
          builtIn: true
    • getProviderDeclaration: returns the declaration of a provider.
      This method can be used for both built-in (ng module) components as well a custom providers.
      I.e. invoking .getProviderDeclaration('$filterProvider') will return:

          rawDeclaration: function $FilterProvider($provide) { ... },
          strippedDeclaration: function $FilterProvider($provide) { ... },
          injectedProviders: ['$provide'],
          builtIn: true



  • The moduleIntrospector can now be provided with multiple module just like angular.mock.module.
  • Internally always includes the ngMock module to always be able to introspect a module; however ngModuleIntrospector will only return services from the ngMock module when includeNgMock (second argument of the moduleIntrospector service) is true.
  • renamed getProviderComponentDeclaration to getProviderComponentDeclarations and changed it to returned an array with possibly multiple element; in reality only the '$compileProvider` can return more than one element (when multiple directives with the same name are declared).
  • each provider component declaration and provider declaration has an additional boolean property builtIn that indicate if its a built in declaration; to indicate it's declared in the 'ng' module or the 'ngMock' module (should only occur when includeNgMock is true)


  • AngularJS 1.0.x is no longer supported
  • no longer uses any internal AngularJS API (like 0.1.x did)
  • the public API of ModuleIntrospector type had been drastically changed
  • declararations of built-in ("ng" module) provider components (i.e. the "currency" filter) and built-in providers (i.e. $filterProvider) can now be retrieved using ngModuleIntrospector


  • added support for AngularJS 1.0.x (as well as the latest stable 1.3)
  • Support for "provider" registered services
  • Support for retrieving $animateProvider components (when using AngularJS 1.2+)


0.1.0 Initial release