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JavaScript modules in the browser, node, and Closure compiler. Bonus: automated tests!
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JavaScript Module Experiments

This repository contains some simple examples I used to figure out how to get an "ideal" JavaScript module setup that works for us. We wanted:

  • Code to work in both NodeJS and the browser without modification.
  • Unit tests to run in both, from the command line (we use jasmine, jasmine-node, and Karma).
  • Type-checked with the Closure compiler.

For details, see my blog post about JavaScript modules.

Building and running tests

  1. Install PhantomJS (using Brew on Mac: brew install phantomjs)
  2. Install NPM dependencies: npm install
  3. Compile with Closure, run all tests: make
  4. Check out the examples. E.g. open simple_both_closure/example_compiled.html

Detailed contents

  • browser: Web browser module
    • Example: open browser/example.html
    • Browser unit test: open browser/mylib_test.html
    • Automated unit test: node_modules/karma/bin/karma start browser/browser.conf.js --single-run
  • node: Same example for NodeJS.
    • Example: node node/caller.js
    • Unit test: ./node_modules/.bin/jasmine-node --matchAll node/mylib_test.js
  • node_and_browser: Module that works with both.
    • Example browser: open node_and_browser/example.html node: node node_and_browser/caller.js
    • Browser unit test: open node_and_browser/mylib_test.html
    • Automated browser test: node_modules/karma/bin/karma start node_and_browser/node_and_browser.conf.js --single-run
    • Automated node test: ./node_modules/.bin/jasmine-node --matchAll node_and_browser/mylib_test.js
  • node_and_browser_closure: Works with both and Closure compiler.
    • Example browser: open node_and_browser_closure/example.html node: node node_and_browser_closure/caller.js
    • Compiled: open node_and_browser_closure/example_compiled.html node: node build/node_and_browser_closure/caller.js
    • Browser unit test: open node_and_browser_closure/mylib_test.html or open node_and_browser_closure/mylib_compiled_test.html
    • Automated browser test: node_modules/karma/bin/karma start node_and_browser_closure/uncompiled.conf.js --single-run
    • Automated node test: ./node_modules/.bin/jasmine-node --matchAll node_and_browser_closure/mylib_test.js

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