Perl 6 wrapper for libxlsxwriter
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Perl 6 wrapper for libxlsxwriter

This is not a port of Perl 5's Excel::Writer::XLSX; rather, it's a wrapper for the libxlsxwriter C library, which itself was a port of the Perl 5 library. Oh the irony.

Basic usage:

    use XLSX::Writer;

    my $workbook ="/path/to/somewhere.xlsx");
    my $worksheet = $workbook.add-worksheet("Sheeeeeeeeet");

    $worksheet.write-value(0, 0, "Hello");
    $worksheet.write-value(0, 1, pi);
    $worksheet.write-value(0, 2, True);
    $worksheet.write-value(0, 3,;
    $worksheet.write-value(0, 4, "", :url);
    $worksheet.write-formula(0, 5, "=B1*2", :result(2*pi));

    my $bold-format = $worksheet.add-format();
    $worksheet.write-value(0, 6, "A bold greeting", $bold-format);


You need libxlsxwriter installed on your system; this library was tested against version 0.7.0.

See the t/ directory for more functions, including custom formatting.