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Changes with mod_zip 1.1.6 13 Sep 2010
*) Feature: Support for UTF-8 filenames. Thanks to Robbie Scott/Bandcamp
*) Feature: Issue subrequests serially. Thanks to Brian Moran/OneHub
*) Feature: Use Zip64 when archive is larger than 4 GB. Thanks to Vasily
*) Bugfix: Support spaces in URLs.
Changes with mod_zip 1.1.5 03 Sep 2009
*) Feature: "If-Range" client header is compared to "Last-Modified" and
"ETag" from the upstream file-list server; if there is a match, the
"Range" client header is honored, otherwise 200 OK is returned.
Using "ETag" requires nginx 0.8.10 or later, or included patch.
*) Bugfix: compatibility with nginx 0.7.25 and later (but earlier
versions are no longer supported)
*) Bugfix: Range works with local, Memcached, and FastCGI files
Changes with mod_zip 1.1.4 10 Feb 2009
*) Bugfix: compilation error on FreeBSD
*) Feature: Range end is optional (e.g. "bytes=0-")
Changes with mod_zip 1.1.3 13 Aug 2008
*) Bugfix: crash when subrequests returned 404
*) Bugfix: compatibility with on Mac OS X (but only
when CRC-32's are supplied).
*) Feature: CRC-32's are optional. Use "-" to have mod_zip calculate them
on the fly. However, note that without CRC-32's up front, mod_zip will
not honor "Range" requests.
Changes with mod_zip 1.1.2 06 Aug 2008
*) Bugfix: compilation error with nginx 0.6.x
Changes with mod_zip 1.1.1 05 Aug 2008
*) Bugfix: compilation error on some platforms.
Changes with mod_zip 1.1 04 Aug 2008
*) Feature: "Range" header support.
*) Change: new file list syntax. See README.
Changes with mod_zip 1.0.8 13 Dec 2007
*) Bugfix: strip "Range" header from subrequests
Changes with mod_zip 1.0.7 29 Nov 2007
*) Bugfix: clear outgoing "Accept-Ranges" header
Changes with mod_zip 1.0.5 18 Sep 2007
*) Bugfix: support archives larger than 2GB
Changes with mod_zip 1.0.4 31 Aug 2007
*) Bugfix: support empty files in an archive
Changes with mod_zip 1.0.3 16 Aug 2007
*) Feature: support for Content-Length when X-Archive-Files-* headers are provided
Changes with mod_zip 1.0.2 06 Aug 2007
*) Bugfix: Fixed compilation with no --with-http-debug flag
Changes with mod_zip 1.0.1 04 Jul 2007
*) Initial public release
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