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Compile errors on Mac OS X 10.7 #11

allard opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Hi gyus,

I get the following when trying to compile the latest (dd2ff19) version on OS X 10.7:

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
  "_iconv_open", referenced from:
      _ngx_http_zip_generate_pieces in ngx_http_zip_file.o
  "_iconv_close", referenced from:
      _ngx_http_zip_generate_pieces in ngx_http_zip_file.o
  "_iconv", referenced from:
      _ngx_http_zip_generate_pieces in ngx_http_zip_file.o

anyone got any ideas of any fix or workaround?

Thank you.


I submitted a pull request for this, see #12


It's definitely getting further, how would I add -liconv? I've tried: --with-ld-opt=-liconv to configure, at the moment it fails with:

../evanmiller-mod_zip-dd2ff19/ngx_http_zip_file.c: In function 'ngx_http_zip_generate_pieces':
../evanmiller-mod_zip-dd2ff19/ngx_http_zip_file.c:190: error: 'iconv_t' undeclared (first use in this function)

after applying your patch.


The patch changes the config script to inject -liconv into the Makefile, there's no need to manually pass any flags. The problem you're having now looks like an include problem. Does /usr/include/iconv.h exist? I wonder if it's the right version? My /usr/include/iconv.h has this:

typedef void* iconv_t;

Does yours?


Looks right. I don't have any more suggestions right now.

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