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emacs keybindings for the Kate text editor
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A config file containing a subset of the Emacs keybindings for the KDE Kate text editor.

Getting Started

Open Kate and from the toolbar... settings > Configure Shortcuts... > Manage Schemes >> Import Scheme give it the .shortcuts file in this repo and you're off to the races!


This is incomplete. I am familiar enough with Emacs to feel stunted by a lack of cursor control and multi-buffered views, but am by no means a power user and so have certainly missed many of the commands. So please feel free to make a pull request with whatever contributions if any of your favorite commands were unfortunately missed.

It's super easy to make changes! Load your '.shortcuts' file into Kate, make your changes in the same GUI used for import and then export the shortcuts file and send me a pull request

Current Issues

Some commands Kate does not support, such as C-l to cycle the view orientation around the cursor. Larger packages like 'M-x replace-regexp' do not have support. Certain compensations have been made, C-s & M-% both open a find-and-replace dialog, as an example.

Working Commands

kate_aliases = emacs-equivalent

beginning_of_document = M-<

beginning_of_line = C-a

close_current_view = C-x, 0

close_inactive_views = C-x, 1

delete_next_character = C-d

delete_word_right = M-d

edit_cut = C-w

edit_paste = C-w

edit_select_all = C-x, C-p

edit_undo = C-x, U

end_of_document = M->

end_of_line = C-e

file_close = C-x, C-c

file_open = C-x, C-f

file_save = C-x, C-s

go_goto_line = M-g, g

go_next_split_view = C-x, o

kate_mdi_toolview_kate_plugin_katesearch (find-and-replace) = -%;  C-s

move_cursor_right = C-f

move_cusor_left = C-b

move_line_down = C-n

move_line_up = C-p

scroll_page_down = C-v

to_matching_bracket = M-e

tools_cleanIndent = C-M-\\

tools_scripts_jumpIndentUp = M-a

view_split_horiz = C-X, 2

view_split_vert = C-X, 3

word_left = M-b

word_right = M-f

Broken Commands

scroll_page_up = M-v		  : unknown why Kate finds this ambiguous?

(align view to cursor) = C-l 	  : no kate alias equivalent
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