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Use Amazon alexa with a simple: alexa ask


  • Portaudio: brew install portaudio
  • MPG123: brew install mpg123

Then go get github.com/evanphx/alexa/...

And you'll have alexa in $GOPATH/bin.

You'll need to sign up and create a developer device with amazon. Here are the instructions lovely copied from AlexaPi:

Next you need to obtain a set of credentials from Amazon to use the Alexa Voice service, login at http://developer.amazon.com and Goto Alexa then Alexa Voice Service You need to create a new product type as a Device, for the ID use something like AlexaPi, create a new security profile and under the web settings allowed origins put http://localhost:5000 and as a return URL put http://localhost:5000/code you can also create URLs replacing localhost with the IP of your Pi eg Make a note of these credentials you will be asked for them during the install process

Then run alexa setup. The values you'll need from creating it are:

  • Device Type ID into --product-id
  • Client ID into --id
  • Client Secret int --secret