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Commits on Jun 19, 2013
  1. @sersut

    Merge pull request #833 from opscode/handle-new-depsolver-errors

    sersut committed
    Handle new 412 depsolver errors without any cookbook information.
  2. @lamont-granquist
  3. @jaymzh @btm
  4. @sersut
  5. @zuazo @btm
  6. @zuazo @btm

    [CHEF-972] removed the #self.not_if method and the private constructo…

    zuazo committed with btm
    …r from ConditionalActionNothing and renamed to ConditionalActionNotNothing
  7. @zuazo @btm
  8. @zuazo @btm
  9. @zuazo @btm
  10. @zuazo @btm
  11. @zuazo @btm
  12. @zuazo @btm
  13. @zuazo @btm

    [CHEF-972] resource action should have higher precedence than only_if…

    zuazo committed with btm
    …/not_if (:nothing action)
  14. @zuazo @btm
  15. @zuazo @btm
  16. @zuazo @btm
  17. @zuazo @btm

    [CHEF-3029] removed not needed "require"

    zuazo committed with btm
  18. @zuazo @btm
  19. @zuazo @btm
  20. @zuazo @btm
  21. @zuazo @btm
  22. @zuazo @btm
  23. @zuazo @btm
  24. @zuazo @btm
  25. @zuazo @btm
  26. @zuazo @btm

    [CHEF-3029] Tests added to Provider::Ifconfig for testing redhat, ubu…

    zuazo committed with btm
    …ntu and debian providers selection
  27. @zuazo @btm
  28. @zuazo @btm
  29. @zuazo @btm
  30. @zuazo @btm
  31. @zuazo @btm
  32. @zuazo @btm
  33. @zuazo @btm
  34. @zuazo @btm
  35. @zuazo @btm
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