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Relatively slow performance #22

wycats opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I have written a JavaScript parser (wycats/parsejs) using kpeg, and get between 15k and 30k bytes per second when parsing JavaScript files. This seems slow and it would be nice to be figure out a way to improve performance.

There is a good sample file in the fixtures in the ParseJS at

Here's a simple benchmark:

require "benchmark"
require "parsejs"

parser ="sizzle.js")) do |x|"sizzle") { parser.parse }

Here is the output I get:

~/Code/parsejs ‹ruby-1.8.7›  ‹master*› $ rvm 1.8.7
~/Code/parsejs ‹ruby-1.8.7›  ‹master*› $ ruby -rubygems benchmark.rb
      user     system      total        real
sizzle  3.790000   0.060000   3.850000 (  3.840110)
~/Code/parsejs ‹ruby-1.8.7›  ‹master*› $ rvm 1.9.3
~/Code/parsejs ‹ruby-1.9.3›  ‹master*› $ ruby -rubygems benchmark.rb
       user     system      total        real
sizzle  1.380000   0.020000   1.400000 (  1.408474)

@wycats What kind of performance were you expecting?

@evanphx Are there some obvious spots we could check out for performance boosts in this lib that you can think of?

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